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  • 1. Story From Catherine Lims Singapore, Little Ironies Story title:ADELINE NG AI CHOO Trixie How Yan Ru 1E1 Index No. 4 Click on speaker to listen to voice.

2. Stressed Mentally Unstably Working HardUntil she went berserk 3. She worked like a gum Being chewed Never did they know Those cells were filled. 4. Study! Revise! Ability! Influence! 5. He thought of everything That was good for her. But the goodness like erasing a mistake repeatedly Made her mind screamed for some breather. 6. Until one day, They refused. That one mark got her killed. 7. Finally, they read it, Her words were yelling Like her mind did. She was dyingDear Diary, .I must pass, pass, PASS! . 8. The killing stress, Made her mind a mess. But it was for pride, That she died. 9. References ww.google.com http://www.corbisimages.com/