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The Young Plan Pwerpoint


<ul><li>1.The Young Plan<br />Done by: <br />Aloysius Oh (1)<br />Adrian Fong (7)<br />Justin Lim (11)<br />Aloysius Poh (18)<br />Yong Zhu Cheng (28)<br /></li></ul> <p>2. WHATs That?<br />3. The Young Plan<br />4. CAUSES?<br />5. Dawes Plan (1924) was unsuccessful<br />Germany was able to meet its obligations for a number of years, largely due to the infusion of capital from the United States.<br />However, Germany could not meet the huge annual payments soon after.<br />Other countries abstained from helping out due to The Great Depression.<br />6. HENCE<br />7. CLAUSES<br />8. CLAUSES<br />1) Germany to pay 18 billion dollars over 37 years. <br />2) The annual payments to average $487,600,000, and of this $165,900,000 to be paid unconditionally, with payment of the rest conditioned on German capacity to pay without impairing the value of the marka protection which the Fatherland already enjoys under the so-called "transfer clause" of the Dawes Plan.<br />3) Bonds to be issued against the unconditional portion of Germany's pledge to pay, and sold to the world public, the proceeds to go at once into the treasuries of the creditor Powers.<br />9. CLAUSES<br />4)The bond transaction to be carried on through an international bank of settlement (all details of which had already been agreed upon by the Second Dawes Committee).<br />10. Dr. HjalmarSchactsConditionsPresident of ReichsBank<br />11. The LIBERTY LAW<br />Although the Young Plan had effectively reduced Germanys obligations, it was opposed by parts of the political spectrum in Germany. <br />A coalition was formed of various conservative groups under the leadership of Alfred Hugenberg, head of German National Peoples Party (one of the coalition members being:<br />12. They wanted to enact:<br />13. (The Liberty Law) IF:<br />14. RESULTS<br />FAIL<br />15. While the Liberty law was not enacted in 1929, the campaign for it was a major factor in bringing Hitler and the Nazis into the political mainstream. Hitler denounced Hugenberg and claimed that the loss was the result of Hugenbergs poor leadership. The Nazis subsequently rose to power.<br />16. TIMELINE<br />17. TIMELINE<br /></p>