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Overview of Survey Results


  • 1. GVCCC and GVR Resident Survey 2010 Prepared by:

2. Survey Purpose

  • Sponsored by: Green Valley Community Coordinating Counciland Green Valley Recreation
  • Assess:
    • quality of life
    • quality of services
    • use of amenities
    • policy options

3. Survey Methods

  • Three mailings to 3,000 randomly selectedGV residents or GVR members
    • Prenotification postcard
    • 1 stwave survey
    • 2 ndwave survey
  • 1,525 completed questionnaires
    • 55% response rate
    • 95% confidence interval (margin of error) +/- 2.5%

4. Geographic Areas 5. Quality of Life Highest rated Neighborhood as a place to live 93% Volunteer opportunities 92% Percent Rating as Excellent or Good Green Valley as a place to live/retire 95% 6. Quality of Life Lowest rated Availability of paths and walking/biking trails 71% Shopping opportunities 44% Percent Rating as Excellent or Good Opportunities to participate in meetings about local government or community matters 73% 7. Recreation Opportunities Percent Rating as Excellent or Good Recreation opportunities 90% Community events 84% Fitness opportunities 88% Outdoor physical activity 87% Cultural or social activities 79% Skill-building, educational and personal enrichment classes 82% 8. Differences in Ratings of Green Valley Generally Highest Ratings Generally Lowest Ratings San Ignacio/ Canoa East La Posada Country Club/ Pueblo Madera Canoa Ranch*

  • *Except Canoa Ranch received the highest, or near highest, ratings for:
  • Opportunities to participate in meetings about local government or community matters
  • Availability of information about resources for older adults

9. Consider Green Valley Home Do you consider Green Valley your home? 10. Length of Residency 11. Activities of a Typical Week Activities of a Typical Week Help to friends or relatives 79% With friends and/or family 93% Recreation program or group activity 66% Volunteering in Green Valley 56% Community club 43% Civic group 24% Working for pay 16% Religious or spiritual activities with others 57% Percent of RespondentsSpending One or More Hours Doing Each in a Typical Week 12. Volunteering in Green ValleyTypes of Volunteering Sitting on a committee or board 20% Organizing or supervising events 12% Volunteering for a GVR club 12% Monitoring for GVR 9% Teaching, educating or mentoring 9% Collecting, serving or delivering food 6% Providing health care or support 6% Office/clerical work 4% Environmental issues 4% Other volunteering for GVR 4% Other 11% How Learned of Opportunity word of mouth (from friendor family member)59% was asked to bea volunteer 44% approached the organizationon my own initiative 31% through a newsletter 14% Percent Having Done Eachin Previous 12 Months 13. Top Reasons for Volunteering How important to you personally, if at all,are the following reasons for volunteering? To make a contribution to the community 60% The volunteer work is enjoyable 47% To use my skills and experiences 41% To network with or meet people 41% To help others or important causes 65% Percent of respondents rating as very important 14. Sources of Information Word of mouth 85% Newspaper84% Keeping Current 83% Green Valley Community Directory 74% GVR bulletin boards 62% GVR catalogues 59% Announcements at GVR events or adson back of GVR event programs 50% GVCCC monthly President's letter 42% GVCCC monthly meetings 40% GVR monitors 36% GVR website 32% GVR newsletters to volunteers or clubs 30% GVR monthly memberorientation 24% GVR board meetings 38% GVR email blast 22% GVCCC website 20% HOA email and newsletters 66% Percent saying they got most or a lot of their information from each 15. Familiarity With or Use of Activities, Amenities &Organizations Used Heard of/not used Green Valley Community Food Bank 29% 68% 3% Pima County Sheriff's Auxiliary Volunteers (SAV) 44% 53% 4% Friends in Deed 51% 44% 4% Lions club recycle program 56% 37% 7% Community Performing Arts Center 40% 53% 7% Hazardous Waste Disposal 42% 49% 9% The Greater Green Valley Arts Council 12% 72% 16% Green Valley Assistance Services 10% 69% 21% Catholic Charities 8% 69% 22% Casa de Esperanza 15% 63% 23% Household Medical Disposal Drops 19% 54% 27% Mature Workers Connection 3% 36% 61% Green Valley/Sahuarita Volunteer Clearinghouse 2% 35% 63% Never heard of 16. Functioning of HOAs Percent rating as excellent or good Enforcing the provisions of the CC&Rs(covenants, conditions and restrictions) 77% Communicating with members 73% Planning and attending social events 69% Attending GVCCC meetings and workshops 69% 17. Interest In Green Functions Photovoltaic electric panels (storing solar energy to use as electricity) Water harvesting (capturing rain orrun off to re-use on your property) Solar water heater (using solar energy to heat the water) 61% 58% 63% Might be interestedin this 5% 5% 7% Plan tohave this 2% 6% 2% Already have this 18. Additional Types of Businesses Desired for Green ValleyA hospital 77% Health care providers (e.g., primary care, Internists, heart, cancer, etc.) 72% Restaurants 61% Specialty grocery stores 55% General practice and specialist dentists and eye doctors 55% Percent strongly support 19. Functions of GVR/GVCCC43% 56% Provide workshops to the community (e.g., tenantsin an HOA; legal issues within an HOA; landscaping;leadership training and other common issues within an HOA) 54% 64% Provide greater mobility, with trails and paths for residentsto use for exercise and for non-motorized transportation 57% 55% Provide recreation opportunities to underserved residents who might not otherwise be able toparticipate in recreation activities (such as people with disabilities orpeople with low incomes) 58% 82% Provide opportunities for residents tomake social connections that strengthenthe community's social fabric 69% 90% Provide recreational and social opportunities 80% 90% Provide opportunities for residents to maintainand improve their physical health Percent very important Percent excellentor good 20. Differences in Quality Ratings of Functions of GVR and GVCCC Generally Highest Ratings Generally Lowest Ratings San Ignacio/ Canoa East La Posada Country Club/ Pueblo Madera 21. Issues Residents Consider Importantfor GVCCC to Address Percents may add to more than 100%, as respondents could choose more than one issue Addressing water supply issues in the community 82% Increasing the number and types of retail, business and medical services available in the community 77% Increasing transit service in the Green Valley area 51% Improving air quality 50% Addressing planning and design issues in Green Valley 47% Improving public safety 46% Continue to provide workshops for HOA's 44% Increasing cultural and educational opportunitiesin Green Valley 31% 22. Usefulness of HOA Membershipin GVCCC Do you think membership of your HOA in GVCCC is useful? 23. Usefulness of HOA Membership in GVCCC by Geographic Area Most Likely to Rate as Useful Least Likely to Rate as Useful San Ignacio/ Canoa East Canoa West/ Desert Hills Country Club/ Pueblo La Posada Canoa Ranch 24. Ratings of Green Valley Recreation Level of cleanliness of facilities 95% Quality of classes/ activities/ programs 89% Variety of classes/ activities/ programs 86% Staff service to you as members 86% Accessibility of GVR staff 86% Volunteer/monitor courtesy to you as members. 81% Appropriateness of times classes/ activities/ programs offered 80% Cost of classes/ activities/ programs 69% Value received for membership dues paid 67% 25. Differences in Ratings of GVR by Geographic Area Generally Highest Ratings Generally Lowest Ratings San Ignacio/ Canoa East La Posada Portillo/ Las Campanas Madera Quality of classes/activities/programs Country Club/ Pueblo La Posada Madera Cost of classes/activities/programs Value receivedfor membershipdues paid Santa Rita Springs La Posada Country Club/ Pueblo 26. Participation in GVR Offerings Percent who participated in last 12 months Most Popular 57% Outdoor swimming pools 44% Drop-in exercise 30% Concerts 23% Social/ hobbyclubs 21% Indoor swimming pool 21% Movies 27. Ratings of GVR Offerings Percent rating as Excellent or Good Highest Rated Most Popular 57% Outdoor swimming pools 97% Outdoor swimming pools 44% Drop-in exercise 93% Drop-in exercise 30% Concerts 93% Concerts 23% Social/ hobbyclubs 95% Social/ hobbyclubs 93% Fitness/ wellness classes 28. Importance of GVR Offerings Percent rating as Very Important Most Popular Most Important Highest Rated 57% Outdoor swimming pools 97% Outdoor swimming pools 77% Outdoor swimming pools 44% Drop-in exercise 93% Drop-in exercise 64% Drop-in exercise 30% Concerts 93% Concerts 52% Concerts 52% Certifications (CPR, etc) 93% Fitness/ wellness classes 50% Fitness/ wellness classes 29. Least Popular GVR Offerings 93% 93% Least Important Least Popular 3% Bocce Table tennis 1% Food and beverage classes 2% Music lesson classes LowestRated 3% Language arts and writing classes Table tennis 2% 93% Concerts 44% Drop-in exercise 57% Outdoor swimming pools 93% Drop-in exercise 30% Concerts 30. Use, Quality and Importanceof GVR Facilities Participated in last 12 months Percent excellent: or good Percent veryimportant 8% 86% 55% Casa Paloma II Satellite Center 8% 86% 56% Casa Paloma I Satellite Center 10% 87% 57% Continental Vistas Satellite Center 10% 86% 56% Abrego North Satellite Center 15% 89% 60% Madera Vista Satellite Center 15% 86% 59% Abrego South Satellite Center 29% 96% 75% Canoa Ranch Social Center 29% 96% 77% Santa Rita Springs Recreation Village 37% 98% 80% Las Campanas Social Center 43% 99% 83% Canoa Hills Social Center 44% 96% 83% Desert Hills Social Center 47% 97% 84% East Social Center 55% 97% 85% West Social Center 31. Support For or Opposition To Potential GVR ImprovementsSpecial needs fitness room Items That Half or More Supported Therapy pool Computer center/Internet caf / arcade / games, etc.Additional hobby shops Dance / aerobics studio space Additional multi-purpose spaces Additional class meeting rooms Specialized services Oppose Support 32. Support For or Opposition To Potential GVR ImprovementsOutdoor adventure programs or extreme sports Items That Half or More Opposed Recreation vehicle rentals Additional tennis courts Spinning classes Racquetball / handball courts Additional enclosed swimming pools Multi-purpose gymnasium Pickleball courts Overnight excursions, backpacking or camping Sauna and steam room Oppose Support 33. Preferred Option for Guest Boundary Line Bylaw This Bylaw should be preserved Members should be allowed to bring guests regardless of where the guests live 34. Support For or Opposition toExpanding GVR Boundaries Strongly Oppose Somewhat Support Strongly Support Somewhat Oppose 45% 55% 35. Support For or Opposition to Expanding GVR Boundaries by GVR Membership Status Strongly Oppose Somewhat Support Strongly Support Somewhat Oppose 44% 56% 56% 44% 36. Support For or Opposition to Potential GVR Funding Options49%52% GVR should seek corporate sponsors in order to supplement recreation funding (such as signage with logos or advertisements, use of banners with logos or advertising during events or games, naming of facilities, etc.) 36%65% In order to preserve funds for expansion and renovation, GVR should close facilities with low usage 34%67% GVR should seek grants and donations, which require raising matching funds from the community on a portion of the monies received 27%73% GVR should expand rental of its facilities (currently only to non-profit groups at reduced rates) to commercial/for-profit groups at increased rates 4%97% GVR should continue to maintain capital reserves for facility replacements and renovations DisagreeAgree Options That Half or More Supported 37. Support For or Opposition to Potential GVR Funding Options61% 40% GVR should partner with private organizations to developrecreational facilities or programs 62% 37% GVR should partner with other municipalities, school districts or nonprofits to develop joint use recreational facilities or programs 68% 32% Although it has never borrowed money in the past, GVR should borrow money, if necessary, to pay for needed renovation and expansion of facilities (similar to a bond by a municipality), knowing it could pay off these debts with future dues 71% 29% GVR should raise member dues to pay for maintenance of aging facilities 75% 25% GVR should keep member dues low, but implement a one-time assessment to pay for maintenance of aging facilities DisagreeAgree Options That Half or More Opposed 38. Other CommentsGreat place to live. Thank you to all the volunteers. GVR does an excellent job for this community, as does the GVCCC. GVR is a bargain & GVCCC is beneficial. Get county to repair streets; filling pot holes with cinders does not last. GVR needs to allow member to opt out of membership (i.e. medically unable to use facility) and not be hold hostage to [the] fee. I love Green Valley. The roads are a disgrace, no hospital, and drivers are horrible. GVR & GVCC do a terrific job.Need better medical. We have all our doctors & tests done in Tucson. 39. In Conclusion

  • Residents of Green Valley are generally very happy with the quality of life in the community
  • Among the community improvements they would like to see are more businesses, particularly:
    • a hospital
    • medical/health care services
    • restaurants and specialty grocery and retail stores
  • The highest ratings of the community were generally observed in:
    • San Ignacio/ Canoa East
    • La Posada
  • The lowest ratings of the community were generally observed in:
    • Madera
    • County Club/Pueblo

40. In Conclusion

  • Residents are generally happy with GVR and GVCCC
  • They would most like to see GVCCC address:
    • water supply issues
    • increasing medical services, businesses and retail opportunities in the community
  • Additions most supported for GVR are:
    • Special needs fitness room
    • Therapy pool
    • Computer center/Internet caf
  • GVR members did not like the idea of paying more in order to maintain facilities, nor did they support the idea of GVR borrowing monies for expansion and renovation.

41. Slides you may not need

  • Do you still want these slides on the next 3 pages? One of them is the map of geographicareas turned sideways its larger this way, but probably harder to read.I put it in in case youd rather have this version than the one that is currently slide #4.

42. Reporting the Results

  • Appendix B:Frequencies of responses to all questions
  • Appendices D and E:Crosstabulations
  • Appendix F:Description of survey methods
  • Appendix G:Survey materials

43. Thank You! Contact: Erin Caldwell Senior Research Associate National Research Center, Inc. 303-444-7863 x102 44. Geographic Areas


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