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A nice review for a chapter discussing ecosystems in a first level Biology course.


  • 1. Ecosystems
    Chapter Review

2. Producers capture the suns energy and use it for themselves.Consumers get energy in plants by eating them. Decomposers get energy by breaking down plants.
How do producers, consumers, and decomposers get the energy they need to live?
3. It shows producers, consumers, and decomposers in an ecosystem.It also shows what consumers eat.
What information can be learned from a food chain?
4. A biome that is located on the land.
Desert, Tundra, Savannah, etc..
Define a terrestrial biome and give example
5. It is permanently frozen soil.It can be found in the Tundra.
What is permafrost and where is it located?
6. It shows the feeding relationships between producers and consumers in the ecosystem.
What does the trophic structure of an ecosystem show?
7. There is no light in this zone and plants require light to grow.
Why cant plants grow in the aphotic zone?
8. 1. Carbon
2. Nitrogen
3. Water
What 3 cycles are seen in ecosystems?
9. Starts with grass, a mouse eats the grass, a snake eats the mouse, and ends with a hawk eating the snake.
Give an example of a food chain:


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