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2. Considerations It was important to consider who to cast as wewanted them to meet our audiences expectation(white, young and male) although, in our audienceresearch we found that our audience wereactually more open to other ethnicities and sexesfeaturing in the band than we had expected thisgave us more freedom when casting We also had to choose people who were willing togive up time and would be good actors and easyto work with 3. We need A male vocalist A female vocalist A keyboardist A guitarist 4. Julian Friend of the group would be easy to work with and willing to help Has expressed an interest Has past acting experience Is short on time Not exactly the indie/electro stereotype 5. Deepak Has helped out with past projectsbefore Has past acting experience Has suitable look for bandmember Is very short on time 6. Anika Has helped out with pastprojects before Can fit the indie look May not find the puppetcharacter an easy one to act out Can be difficult to work with (selfconscious) 7. Herian Has the indie look iseven is his own band sothis could be an addedbonus Has time available for role Is not very close to group this could lessenwillingness to help Acting ability questionable 8. Nofal Has indie/alternativehair style that fits thestar image Has perfectly fittingguitar Has free time We barely know him he may not wish to help 9. Samia (myself) Has the expected look of bandmember Caucasian, access toindie/alternative clothing Has all the time to devote tofilming as its my coursework Saves the trouble of having todirect someone and find anadditional band member to beavailable It is much harder to direct avideo from in front of thecamera