C1 literacy and essential skills part 2

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  • 1. Tool Examples 12

2. Needs Assessment 3. Learning and Training Supports ORAL COMMUNICATION TIP SHEET ASSESSMENT LEARNING TRAINING 14 4. Apprenticeship

  • Having strong Essential Skills such as reading manuals, taking measurements and interpreting diagrams can increase your success in apprenticeship training and a career in the skilled trades. Use these tools to:
  • learn how Essential Skills are used in a variety of trades;
  • identify Essential Skills strengths and areas for improvement;
  • build the skills required to successfully prepare for training; and exams
  • build confidence to learn and apply the technical skills of a trade

5. Essential Skills for Success as a Carpenter MINI PROFILE: CARPENTER INFORM ASSESS SUPPORT 16 6. Essential Skills Profiles

  • The Essential Skills Profiles describe how each of the key essential skills are used by workers in a particular occupation. They include:
  • Brief description of the occupation;
  • List of the most important essential skills;
  • Examples of tasks that illustrate how each essential skill is applied;
  • Complexity ratings that indicate the level of difficulty of tasks

7. Accounting and Related Clerks 8. Tailoring LES Approaches to Learners Needs

  • Winnipeg School Division EAL Program
  • Embedding the Essentials: A New Approach for Linking Skills and the Teaching of CLB 2-4& EAL Literacyhttp://eal.wsd1.org/
  • Pilot project to assist newcomers with CLB (1-4)to develop the Essential Skills required for entry level positions in Manitoba workplaces
  • The project will also assist employers in identifying the Essential Skills needed for entry level jobs and to develop appropriate hiring tools and procedures.
  • Bow Valley College
  • Success in the Workplace: Essential Skills Training for Immigrant Professionalshttp:// crtp.bowvalleycollege.ca /success-in-the-workplace
  • Pilot project designed to build the Workplace Essential Skills of foreign trained professionals, including engineers, geologists, geophysicists, accountants and IT professionals who are already working in their fields.

9. Using OLES Tools for Success in Finding and Keeping a Job

  • 1)Job Search
  • Understanding skills needed for different jobs, writing rsum etc.
  • Essential Skills Profiles
  • Trades Profiles
  • 2) Job Interview
  • Interview Assistant
  • Hiring Checklist
  • Tip Sheets
  • 3) On-the-Job
  • Vocabulary-building workbook
  • Self-Assessments
  • Practice and Learning Exercises
  • Trades Math Workbook

10. Feedback from Immigrant-Serving Organizations

  • Some examples of how tools are being used:

Post-Secondary Institutions Employment Training Agencies LINC Providers Adult Learning Centres UsingVocabulary Building Workbookto assist clients who are transitioning into equivalency courses, and with those looking for workforce readiness training. Incorporating tools such asEssential Skills Training ActivitiesandEssential Skills Workplace Check-up into employment readiness sessions for job seekers. UsingVocabulary building Workbookfor English upgrading, employment training, as well as everyday use of the English language. Integrating multiple LES tools into program for adult learners who are being re-trained to either re-join the work force, or to move forward and begin at a post-secondary institution . 11. Steps for using Tools Identify Audience/Target Group Who will I use this tools with? (e.g. clients, employees, students) Identify Objective What is my goal/purpose in using these tools?(e.g. help prepare clients for employment) Identify Need What are the particular needs of my clients/students/employees? (e.g. improve oral communication skills Select Applicable Tool(s) What tools are most relevant in addressing the needs of my clients/students/employees? Create Plan of Action & Monitor Results How will I administer these tools ? (e.g. one-on-one tutoring, group workshop, classroom) How will I evaluate their effectiveness (e.g. pre and post assessment) 12. OLES Website 13. Tools and Resources 14. Questions/Comments? Thank you Shareef Korah [email_address]


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