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Bureaucracies and corporations

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  • 1. A type of organization whose goal is to maximizeefficiency and results- Noted by Max Weber Characteristics: Hierarchy with assignments flowing downward andaccountability flowing upward Division of labor- each worker has a specific task Written rules Written communications and records-memos Impersonality- individual is not important, you arereplaceable Once they exist they tend to perpetuate themselvesby replacing old goals for new ones- GOALDISPLACEMENT Example: March of Dimes-original goal to fight polio,changed goal after Jonas Salk discover vaccine

2. Webster predicted the bureaucracies woulddominate social life because they are apowerful form of social organization Calledthis processed the rationalization of society 3. Red Tape: A Rule is a Rule So bound by rules that the results can defy logic Bureaucratic Alienation Workers begin to feel like objects rather than people Resisting Alienation Form primary groups at work Corral around the water cooler Decorate their cubicles Peter principle- people are promoted to their level ofincompetence 4. People who have what it takes to getahead are put on the fast track forpromotions Work harder, more committed to the company Others who dont look or act like corporateleaders are given fewer opportunities This hidden values remain unseen Females and minorities dont match the hiddenvalues and are treated differently