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  • 1. MYP Design Technology Julie Lemley MYP Design Technology Teacher Middle School ICT Coordinator
  • 2. MYP Technology Requirements: Credit Hours Minimum 50 hours/year per subject for all students in Years 1 5** Due to some academic requirements, some students are not in a Design course, but will be exposed to Design Technology through integration. **
  • 3. Our Model forMYP Technology Instruction Computer Technology Food Technology Materials Systems
  • 4. Grade 6:Design Technology CourseOnce per week (35 contact hours)Integrated Projects with other MYP subjects in Grades 6 8Grade 7 & 8:Design Technology CourseTwice per week (over 50 contact hours)Integrated Projects
  • 5. Using the Design Cycle as an Approach to Learning INVESTIGATE DESIGN PLAN CREATE EVALUATE
  • 6. Example UNITS: Guided How can I create a fast solar powered car out of recycled materials? Open How can I organize myself better?
  • 7. MYP (Design)Technology Vs. Technology (ICT) Technology is an MYP subject Uses the design cycle as a model for thinking Students are expected to solve problems Focus on the whole design process rather than the product ICT (Information Communication Technology) Integrated in all classes, including DT Teaching of skills such as: researching (accessing information), word processing, creating presentations, video editing, etc.
  • 8. Living with Laptops Please check your childs blog regularly. Tech Talks provided for all teachers, parents, and students in the Atrium Monday afternoons from 3:30 4:00 pm Tuesday mornings from 8:00 8:30 am.