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  1. 1. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. 1 Bridging Your 2015 Enrollment Gaps
  2. 2. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. 75% of U.S. College Bound High School Students 50% of U.S. College Students 15M+ Students* reached 52/48 % Female/Male 700,000+ Social media followers *U.S. College Bound High School & College Students Source: Data as of December 2014. Other sources include Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Chegg Reaches 9M Monthly visits 71% 18-24 10 minutes Average time on site Chegg by the Numbers
  4. 4. Transfer Recruitment Global Recruitment Graduate Recruitment Chegg serves over half of all current college students, with 1/3 of users enrolled at a community college. Identify potential transfer students with an interest in you and reach out directly at the point they demonstrate interest. Leverage digital outreach services to build your brand and influence behavior. Reach students in over 160 countries around the globe through a combination of armchair recruitment and direct-to-student outreach. Use our team to help plan your international travel opportunities in the top markets sending students to the U.S. Utilize applicant screening services to focus on the top prospects that meet your enrollment criteria and goals. Build your brand through digital marketing solutions to keep your institution at top-of-mind of todays busy college students. Leverage the Chegg Global Network to build your pipeline of prospective students researching graduate programs around the globe.
  5. 5. Understanding Generation X & Y Engaging Undecided Students at the Height of their Interest Transfer & International Outreach Effective Yield Strategies Todays Agenda
  6. 6. Todays students were born when Google began and in grade school when Facebook took off.
  7. 7. They have unlimited information at their ngertips.
  8. 8. 62% expect a response from admissions within 24 hours would like to receive communications tailored specifically to them91% Source: Chegg Social Admissions Report 2015
  9. 9. connects with students from high school through college Scholarship Matching College Counseling Career Discovery Internship & Job Matching Rent or buy [e]textbooks Transfer & Grad School Matching College Matching Flashcards & Test Prep HIGH SCHOOL COLLEGE POST COLLEGE Tutoring Study Tools & Tutoring
  10. 10. Example:
  11. 11. Site Traffic Peaks in Feb-Apr 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 14,000,000 16,000,000 Pageviews Pageviews Average#of pagesvisited: Over5
  12. 12. Seniors peak in fall, rebound later 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 HSSeniorLogins
  13. 13. Jan-April Interest is Critical 0 100000 200000 300000 400000 500000 600000 SeniorLogins Classof2013Logins Over 1.7mm HS senior log-ins in 4 months
  14. 14. What does this all mean?
  15. 15. Students indicating interest in January-May are still undecided If they are still looking at you they are still looking at your peers
  16. 16. Recommended Strategies
  17. 17. Inquiries and Matches Connect with students who are researching your school and schools like yours at the height of their interest.
  18. 18. Qualied students with an active and demonstrated interest in your school Best-t matches who are actively searching and need to hear from you Chegg has the largest opt-in database of students actively researching schools.
  19. 19. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. Chegg Cloud Inquiries Reach 8/10 college-bound students actively researching schools across the web on the most popular college search sites. Focus resources on students who have actively raised their hand an expressed an interest in you. Respond to students at the height of their interest, not when they have to take a standardized test.
  20. 20. Cloud Connect students who have raised their hand to be contacted by your institution. 18 sites & apps and growing!
  21. 21. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. Chegg Match+ Identify and reach students who have not yet indicated an interest in you, but based on their profile and schools they are interested in should be. Recruit students with more than a test score and use real-time web behavior and consideration sets.
  22. 22. What if we could harness the behavioral data from students as they search for schools to find the perfect matches for your school?
  23. 23. Chegg User Behavior Data Chegg Cloud Data Science of Match+ Sophisticated algorithms analyze millions of data points submitted by students and collected during their visits to our network to identify those that are the best t for your institution.
  24. 24. Academic Performance Grad Year Geography Match+ fined tuned to meet your admissibility criteria Gender Behavioral Interest in Similar Schools
  25. 25. Retargeting Reach students minutes after they express interest in your school.
  26. 26. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. Retargeting Reach students minutes after they have expressed interest in your school. Reinforce your brand across the web, focusing impressions only on students with an interest in you. Create clear calls to action to engage, inform, and remind your prospective students.
  27. 27. introducing a new way to reach students minutes after they begin the admissions process. Retargeting
  28. 28. The Undecided Student
  29. 29. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. 39 Transfer and International Outreach
  30. 30. Transfers are Secret Shoppers 50% of transfers will not identify themselves to colleges before applying Sources: Building Your Transfer Outreach Action Plan, Chegg, 2015
  31. 31. 91% of consumers have their phones within arms reach 24 hours a day The average user checks their phone 150 TIMES / DAY Sources: Study by app Locket, 2014. Under the Cover with College Students. Chegg, 2015. 93% of students own a smartphone
  32. 32. Location-Based Mobile Advertising Introducing a New Way to Reach Students On-the-Go
  33. 33. Students are always in motion. Your targeting should be too Recruit students through location-based mobile targeting that focuses on real-time activity and the highest engaged areas.
  34. 34. Dynamic geo-fence focuses media on the locations that show the strongest performance. Standard Geo-fence Chegg Geo-fence Reach Students at Specific Locations
  35. 35. 2-YEAR SCHOOL CAMPUS CENTER COLLEGE LIBRARY Mobile media is optimized to reach students based on their location history. Create a Unique Student Profile
  36. 36. Mobile banners and interstitials drive to the brands mobile site or a custom branded landing page.
  37. 37. Custom landing page features dynamic content aligned with the students location. Driving Directions Dynamic Maps More Info Click to CallVideo
  38. 38. LocalNews&InfoMen& Sports EntertainmentWomenSocial Sample Network
  39. 39. Recruit Students On-the-Go with Chegg Reach transfer students on 2-year campuses Target high school students in specific markets Connect with students as they visit your campus
  40. 40. International Recruitment
  41. 41. A Huge Opportunity and Growing 1985 1995 2005 2025 1.1 Million 1.7 Million 3 Million 8 Million Source: 2014 IIE Open Doors Report
  43. 43. The leader in global marketing and enrollment management
  44. 44. The Chegg Global Network
  45. 45. The Chegg Global Network
  46. 46. Digital Development Manage your presence on the top digital platforms used by students around the globe researching study abroad, scholarships, and test prep. Ensure visibility and capture interest in every major and emerging market with one strategic partner.
  47. 47. Study Abroad Test Prep Scholarship Opportunities
  48. 48. Study Abroad Test Prep HigherEd Communities Digital Development
  49. 49. Multi-Lingual Microsites Develop institution-branded content in the native language of students you are trying to reach, ensuring they can find and understand the information thats most important to them.
  50. 50. Microsites in any Language
  51. 51. Global Inquiries Engage with students actively requesting information from you on top education platforms around the globe. Take advantage of your active brand- building initiatives by engaging students at the peak of their interest.
  52. 52. Global Inquiries Weekly export of student information delivered to your team
  53. 53. Match + Leverage Cheggs integration with Baidu to take advantage of increased exposure on Market your brand to students actively researching schools on the web to encourage inquiry conversion.
  54. 54. Students search on Baidu is the exclusive provider to Baidus education platform Students researching schools but not showing interest receive e-mails from Chegg
  55. 55. Support your marketing and recruitment efforts with direct-to-student e-mail outreach. Reach students in markets and for programs you are trying to attract. Targeted E-mails
  56. 56. Permissionbasedemailsdrive upengagement Targetbycountry Filterbyundergraduateor graduateprospect Dedicatedemaillinksto your.eduorinquiryform Drive Traffic with Targeted E-Mails
  57. 57. Students you have applied and been admitted Students who have been denied/deferred and are evaluating options Late starters who are just starting their research LatestageinquiriescanbesomeofthehighestconverJnginquiriesifyou supportthemeecJvelyatthisphaseoftherecruitmentcycle. Types of Seniors Still Searching
  58. 58. What do you do with the student that is already in your pipeline, applied and/or been admitted, but is still actively researching you (and more importantly, your peers)? *Or worse. Enrolled but still evaluating options! Admitted but not Committed*
  59. 59. REMINDER: If a student is still researching you, they are also still researching your peers.
  60. 60. Think about it When a student who has applied/been admitted, we encourage them to visit campus. Why, then, do we think of online interactions differently in todays electronic world? Todays College Search Reality
  61. 61. Instant e-mail and phone call, acknowledging that students continued interest1 Assign a student ambassador to reach out via phone and possibly a hand-written note (go old school) 2 Invite the student to visit campus one more time, or for out of state students offer virtual visits 3 Supplemental Communication Plan
  62. 62. Deferred by you or denied elsewhere, how do you support a student in this situation at this phase of the process? HINT: Put your counselor hat on *Denied/Deferred by you OR a peer institution Denied/Deferred and Evaluating
  63. 63. Time to be a counselor
  64. 64. Inform waitlisted/deferred student of any steps they can take to increase their chances (if any) 1 Educate the student about articulation agreements with community colleges in your area 2 If your institution allows, think about deferred admission to the spring semester3 Supplemental Communication Plan
  65. 65. Be up front with the student and talk about their realistic options. Talk about gap-year programs or bridge agreements with local community colleges to help the student build their academic record Inquire about interest in deferring their start to the spring (works well combined with community college coursework) Additional Tips
  66. 66. What do you do with senior inquiries that are just now getting on your radar? Do you turn them away, or leverage their fresh interest? Late Bloomers
  67. 67. Instant e-mail and phone call, acknowledging that students interest1 Assign a specific counselor to follow-up with students and their parents ASAP (prioritize by territory volume)2 Invite the student to campus for an interview and instant admission decision (provided they can provide all required materials) 3 If there is a high volume of interest in a geographic area, consider hosting a regional information session/interviews (if budget allows) 4 Supplemental Communication Plan
  68. 68. There is always that diamond in the rough that got lost in the process. Are there exceptions you can make for qualified students still inquiring? Reach out immediately and walk them through the application process (for rolling admission schools). Be sure to educate and inform them about your transfer programs/articulation agreements (if truly past your deadline/their program is full) Serving Late Bloomers
  69. 69. Conversion Strategies Develop a strategy that ensures every touch point is optimized to drive conversions from the moment students begin their search through the time they enroll.
  70. 70. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. powered by Conversion Strategies On campus workshop designed to closely examine each conversion point in the funnel to ensure optimal conversion rates. Methodical review of marketing efforts, lead generation campaigns, inquiry communication, post application and post accept processes and messages. Deliverable is a mutually agreed upon conversion plan.
  71. 71. Communication Sequence Mapping Develop a communication plan tailored specifically for late stage prospects & un-committed admitted students
  72. 72. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. powered by Communication Sequence Mapping Tactical recruiting communication plan based on objectives, target audience, segmentation potential, message, format, call-to-action, and associated metrics. 11X17 color-coded communication sequence map for each target audience.
  73. 73. sample sequence map
  74. 74. Social Media Consultation & Campaigns
  75. 75. Confidential Material Chegg Inc. 2005 - 2015. All Rights Reserved. powered by Social Media Consultation & Campaigns Strategies and tactics for achieving goals, a work flow for addressing feedback, and an objective-based plan for ongoing participation and awareness. Custom social media campaigns to inspire current students to advocate on behalf of your school.
  76. 76. Connect with undecided seniors continuing to researching you and your peers Engage potential transfer students & build an international foundation Incorporate a strong conversion and yield strategy for all student segments Achieving Your Goals
  77. 77. Save Time Save Money Recruit Smarter


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