Bridging The Gap & Growing The Family Presentation

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A presentation on increasing youth membership and retaining membership in Rotary District 5040.


<ul><li> 1. Rotary &amp; Rotaract Bridging the Gap &amp; Growing the Family DISTRICT 5040 </li></ul> <p> 2. Hi Why are we here?3 3. ROTARY 4. 8 Clubs Numbers 19-30 yearsold RotaryRulessponsored Autonomous Individual Projects District 5. STEPHANIEMCEWAN 6. ROTARACT HIGHLIGHTS 7. THE VISION Bridging the Gap &amp; Growing the Family 8. What is Rotary?90807060504090 30 20505 10 200 9. What is Rotary?90807060504090 30 20505 10 200 10. What is Rotary?90807060504090 30 20505 10 200 11. What is Rotary?90807060504090 30 20505 10 200 12. Movie 19 13. THE CURRENTSITUATION 14. Internal Analysis StrengthsThreatsWeaknessesOpportunitie s 15. Target Youth Market Target Market:Service &amp; Creative Industries Technological 25-45 years old Shifts Gen X and Gen Y 16. ISSUE &amp; OBJECTIVE 17. Great Place to BE!Prevailing IssuesObjective 1: Bridging the Gap 18. Great Place to BE!Great Place to BE! Objective 1: Bridging the Gap Objective 2: Grow the Family 19. BRIDGING THE GAP 20. Meaningful Joint Projects INVOLVEMENT Joint Social BenefitsLOCAL Social Innovation Benefits LOCALMeaningful COLLABORATION INVOLVEMENTCommunity Planning Social Benefits togetherInnovationLOCALJointCreativity COLLABORATION ImpactImpact Community LocalCHALLENGINGPlanningJoint together Joint Social BenefitsCreativity Innovation Social Joint Meaningful Benefits Creativity INVOLVEMENT CHALLENGING 21. NewGen Clubs Creating a temporary net Offer more flexibility Span wider geographic area Lower financial barriers Hands-on focus 22. Great Place to BE! Objective 2: Grow the Family 23. GROW THE FAMILY 24. Growing the FamilyBringing in new members requires communicating value.Who? What? When? How?Where? 25. Who Connecting Existing &amp; Past Members Lead tracking database (SalesForce) Keep in contact (newsletters, RSS) Targeting Potential Members Media exposure Word of mouth Advertising 26. What Integrated Communications Strategy Social MediaSearch Engines Local MediaOutreach Business Community 27. When &amp; Where Cost-per-click advertising Online Facebook Ads Google Ads/Adsense Craigslist 28. How Landing page is very important! Ad text is very important. 29. Branding Rotary does everything.Whats our elevator pitch? 30. builds leaders Rotary who champion local community and international initiatives for the bettermentof humankind. 31. Elevator PitchDifferentiate Rotary from competitors on principle ofbuilding leadership. 32. District Communications MembershipmanagementCommittee Public AdvertisingRelations How it Will Work Joint ventureSocial Media External volunteers Funded by each Club $100-200 annual cost per Club 33. Objective 1: Bridging the GapBig Local Impact ProjectSupporting NewGen Rotary Clubs 34. Objective 2: Grow the FamilyIntegrated Communications throughNew Media ChannelsDistrict Communications Committee 35. Q&amp;A Thank you </p>