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bony features of Mandible

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Text of bony features of Mandible

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SKELETON OF HEAD & NECK2015Dr. Ahmed El-NasharPractical Anatomy for dental student

Dr. Ahmed ElNashar 2015

1Dr. Ahmed Elnashar 2015

Bony featuresTHE MandibleDr. Ahmed ElNashar 2015

Symphysis mentiMental protuberanceMental tubercleMental foramen233441

Mental foramenCoronoid processcodyleMand. notchExt. oblique ridgecodyle

Pterygoid fovaeMandibular foramenLingulaMylohyoid grooveMylohyoid lineSublingual fossaSubmandibular fossaGenial tuberclesDigastric fossa2345167899

CondyleCoronoid processMand. notchPterygoid fovaeMandibular foramenLingulaMylohyoid grooveMylohyoid lineExt. oblique ridgeMental foramenMental protuberanceMental tubercle567812349101112

Ms. attachmentTHE MandibleDr. Ahmed ElNashar 2015

1) MasseterN.S: masseteric N 2) BuccinatorNS: facial N 3) Temporalis N.S: temporal Ns4) Platysma muscleNS: facial N 5) Lateral pterygoid ms




1)Temporalis2)Mylohyoid3) Medial pterygoid4)Digastric (ant belly)5)geniohyoid6)Spheno-mandibular lig 7)Stylo-mandibular lig8)Lateral pterygoid


1) lat. Pterygoid (ins.)

2)Temporalis. (ins.)

3)Masseter. (ins.)

4)Medial pterygoid. (ins.)5)Platysma (ins.)6)Buccinator (origin)7)Mylohyoid ms. (origin)


Genial tubercle Genioglossus & geniohyoid (origin)2) Digastric fossa ant. belly of digastric fossa.


Ligament attachedTHE MandibleDr. Ahmed ElNashar 2015

121)Lingula (sphenomandibular lig.)2)Mylohyoid line (ptergo-mand. raphe)3) Angle of mand. ( stylo-mand. Lig.)4) Neck of mand. ( lat. Ptergo-mand lig.)


Related structuresTHE MandibleDr. Ahmed ElNashar 2015

1)Submandibular gland 2)Sublingual gland 21

1)Maxillary A & auriculotemporal N

2)Inferior alveolar N& Vs

3)Mental N& Vs

4)Lingual N

5)Mylohyoid N& Vs

6)Facial A7)Masseteric N

542361Related structures 77