Blogs: Reading and Writing (no Arithmetic!)

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From the 11/10/2012 Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society Lunch 'n' Learn and Writing Group meeting. We discussed why and how to read blogs and why and how to write them.

Text of Blogs: Reading and Writing (no Arithmetic!)

  • 1. November 10, 2012Lunch n LearnBlogs: Readingand Writing(No Arithmetic) Livermore-Amador Genealogical Society
  • 2. What is a blog? Origin: Blog = Web + Log Usage: Can be a noun or a verb Definition: A discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web and consisting of posts" displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent post appears first).
  • 3. Blogs Combine text, images, and links (to other blogs, Web pages, and media related to its topic) Are Interactive- allowing readers to leave comments. This allows them to be a form of social networking
  • 4. 4 November 14, 2012
  • 5. 5 November 14, 2012
  • 6. What is a Microblog? Definition: Short quick notes with limited number of characters Help to integrate blogs into societal news streams Twitter, for example
  • 7. How do you find blogs? Many different kinds of blogs Provide commentary on a particular subject (art, photos, parenting, music, education, and genealogy!) personal online diary online brand advertising of a particular individual or company Google Subject AND blog To find genealogy blogs: Google your favorite subject with the word, blog (i.e. German Genealogy AND Blog) Look through the following websites: Geneabloggers ( Genealogy Blog Finder ( Cyndis List (
  • 8. How do you read blogs? Bookmark Blog Reader (i.e. Google Reader)
  • 9. How to get a Google Account Go to Click the Sign Up button on the top right.
  • 10. Complete the form by filling in the requested information. Click Next Step. Add a picture or profile information (if you like) Click Next Step. Click Get Started. Go to
  • 11. How do I add a blog to myreader? RSS feed button o RSS=Real Simple Syndication o Buttton looks like: o If you see this on a blog, click on it. You will then see different options. o Click on Add to Google then Add to Google Reader.
  • 12. How do I add a blog to myreader? Manually o Go to the blog you want to subscribe to. o Copy the website address. o Go to Google Reader. o Click the SUBSCRIBE button. o Paste or type in the website address.
  • 13. Over coffee Overcoffee each morning, I scroll through my Google Reader and Twitter feed like my dad scrolled through his newspaper every morning.
  • 14. How do you write a blog? Now that you have Google account its easy to create a blog! Go to Click New Blog
  • 15. 17 November 14, 2012 Give it a title, address, choose a template, and click Create Blog..
  • 16. Your blog will now be listed on your Dashboard. Click the pencil icon to start writing! Tips: o I write my posts in Word and paste to Blogger. o I give it a nice title. o Fancy it up with side bar items after you get the hang of writing.
  • 17. How do I publicize myblog? Send an email to your family and friends with your blog address. Sign up with Use your Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus streams to advertize your posts. Put your blog address on your calling cards.
  • 18. How to I find something towrite about? Write stories of your family Write stories of YOU Show your family old pictures and tell about the people in them Write about what you know Write about what you learn and how you learn it Use the daily prompts from Geneabloggers
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