Best Ways to get Better Marks in Maths

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Maths is a Subject none of us can do without. We have to learn it for our own good because we need to use it all our lives.

Many find Maths easy and then there are many who find it tough.

Let us know the ways how we can improve our Maths to get better marks in and the best benefits from it.

You need to have a strong base in Maths from Day 1 because Maths is taught level by level.MAKE YOUR BASE IN MATHS STRONGIf the first Concept is not clear, you can find trouble following the next step.Have all your doubts cleared as early as possible before you proceed to learn further.

Running away from Maths will not help you know it better, and neither will getting complacent help you to improve.KEEP PRACTISINGPractise Maths for as long as possible, daily. Once you get better at one level, move on to the higher one.Seek the help of teachers or Apps to learn better and more.

Many people tend to neglect this very vital part of NOTING down the problem-solving process NEATLY.NOTE DOWN THE PROBLEM-SOLVING PROCESS NEATLYNoting the process down step by step helps you to revise. Each time you tend to forget a step or detail, you can refer to your notes.

Maths can often seem easy if you concentrate better on what you are doing, and how and why you are doing it.CONCENTRATE Solve problems in peace and quiet, with a calm mind.Analyse the process as you go about solving the problem.Recollect the process in which you have solved the Maths problem and practise solving a few more of such problems, to understand the process clearer.

If a friend needs help with Maths, explain matters to him/her.While learning a new problem-solving process, explain it to yourself.KEEP EXPLAINING MATHSThe more you EXPLAIN Maths, the deeper the knowledge stays with you.The Right Way to Knowledge Leads You to Success

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