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Hi friends I'm Tupeshwar Narayanan, this is a PowerPoint presentation About Bermuda Triangle. I spent more than 2 weaks in collecting the information Regarding this BERMUDA TRIANGLE.If u have any doubt Regarding this Send your question to my mail_id.. My mail_id is [email protected]..

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2. 2 3. 3 4. What Is Bermuda Triangle ?The Bermuda triangle is an area in the Atlantic ocean where many unexplained ships & aircrafts disappearance have occurred so many yearsIt is also known as DEVILS TRIANGLE 4 5. 5 6. Where is Bermuda triangle?It covers the area inside an imaginary triangle that runs from the island of BERMUDA, SAN JUAN (Island Of Puerto Rico), & MIAMI (Florida) The Bermuda triangle is located in the Atlantic ocean6 7. 7 8. 8 9. 9 10. George X Sand SEA MYSTERIES AT OUR DOOR STEP is thefirst article at 1950, to reveal about the mysteries ofFLIGHT 19. SAND was the first to define borders for theunnamed Bermuda TriangleE V W JonesFlood gates of Bermuda Triangle in news paperon sep 16, 1950.Christopher Columbus He was the first to document the strangephenomena of Bermuda triangle (Unnamed).10 11. Vincent Gaddis was the one who coined thename Bermuda Triangle in the article publishedby Argosy magazine in Feb. 1964Howard Rosenberg According to author Howard Rosenberg,during the past century more than 50 ships and 20planes has been vanished.11 12. 12 13. Flight 19 has been the most famous plane whichdisappeared in the bermuda triangle Incident on 5th Dec 1945.Story of Flight 19 Five avengers bombers took off from the naval baseat Florida on 5th Dec 1945. US Navys final report mentioned REPORTSUNKNOWN when citing the cause of theincident. 13 14. 14 15. Flight 19, was a training flight with five TBM AVENGERS BOMBERS and was led by the commander CHARLES C TAYLOR.There were 13CHARLESC TAYLOR was theother in the only experiencedflightbut pilot.wereallHe was born ontrainees.October 25, 191715 16. 16 17. 17 18. As per plan, flight path was to first go towards east into thesea for 56 miles to HENS AND CHICKEN SHOALS topractice bombing. Then they were supposed go further east for another 67miles towards the Bahamas. At this point they would turn north and go for 73 miles.Then turn back and head straight for the Naval Baseback in Florida. The triangle with the yellow line on the picture was theplanned route of the flight 19.18 19. 19 20. 1: Navy Air Station (NAS) Fort Lauderdale in Florida. The five avenger bomber training planes of Flight 19 led by Commander Charles Taylor take off at 14:10.2: They were supposed go out into the sea towards East for 56 nautical miles to reach point 2 (Hen and Chickens shoals) and drop practice bombs until around15:00.3. After practice bombing, the flight was supposed to proceed further along East for another 73 nautical miles (140 20 21. 4. Then they were to turn north and fly for 120 nautical miles(220 km) to reach point 4.5. After reaching point 4, the planes were supposed to headback to the NAS air base.6. Between 15:0017:50 exact position of the flight remainsunknown. No one knows for sure where the planesexactly were. 21 22. 7. At 17:50 the flights position was established from radio transmission. They were within 100 nautical miles (190 km)of 29N 79W. However the control tower lost trace of the flight soon after that.8. At 19:27 when the hope was rapidly fading off, the rescue Martin Mariner PBM-5 (No. 59225) takes off from Banana River Navy Air Station for search operation. 22 23. 9. At 19:50, the rescue Martin Mariner itself explodes near the point 28N 80W10. The small islands of Florida Keys, where Taylor thought he was.0: The area within the dashed lines falls within the Bermuda TriangleD: The line D on top corresponds to 100 nautical miles (or 190 km) of distance in the map. This will help you understand the scale and the distances along the flight paths. 23 24. 24 25. What did people think about the Bermuda Triangle in the past?There are manybizarre andmysterious situations that wecannot prove ordisprove. Couldthey be right? Anything is possible 25 26. 26 27. 27 28. 28 29. Theory 10: Effect of a Comet The first theory that well discuss here is the theory that acomet from outer space crashed into the earth some thousands ofyears ago, near the area that is now the Bermuda Triangle. Peoplewho believe in this theory, also seem to believe that somewhere inthe depths of the ocean, there lie the remains of this comet and itis the electromagnetic field of the comet that causes all thehavoc, including disruptions of aircraft signals. No traces of acomet or anything similar to it has been found yet, and in theabsence of a proof, this theory remains nothing but anassumption.29 30. Theory 9: Time Warp This theory is one of the most popular theories, in spite ofthe fact that there is nothing to prove it. The time warp theoryclaims that the reason for so many disappearances is time travel.In other words, this theory says that when something ends up atthe Bermuda Triangle, it either travels back in time or to sometime in the future. There are also people who have reportedseeing a huge tunnel shaped cloud around the region, which theybelieve is a tunnel for time travel 30 31. Theory 8: Attack by Pirates Although this theory cannot be totally ruled out, it fails toexplain the reason for the disappearance of the aircraft. Accordingto this theory, the reason why so many ships disappeared isbecause of pirates who are especially active in this part of theAtlantic. Piracy has been the reason behind the destruction anddisappearance of many a large vessel in the past, in different partsof the world. Some theorists are of the opinion that in addition topiracy, attack by enemy vessels might also be a reason. Thistheory might prove to be true for at least some of thedisappearances in the past. 31 32. Theory 7: Methane GasWhat this theory has to say is that it is methane gas that is largelyresponsible for the notorious reputation of the Bermuda Triangle. According tothis theory, bubbles of methane gas rising up to the surface of water decreasesits density thereby lowering the buoyant force exerted by the water. Due to thisreason, large vessels might no longer be able to stay afloat and might sinkwithout a trace. But what about the remains of the ships? They ought to befound somewhere down below, isnt it? Well, there seems to be a viableexplanation for that as well! The strong currents of the Gulf Stream drifts themfar away from the region. Well, even though this theory is plausible, the factremains that there isnt any underwater source of methane gas anywhere closeto the region.32 33. Theory 6: City of Atlantis This theory is supported by some people who believe thatthe lost city of Atlantis was located somewhere close to theBahamas. What they also believe is that the mysterious city stilllies buried somewhere below the ocean, and legend has it that thiscity was powered by energy obtained from powerful crystals.According to this theory, the effect of the remains of these crystalsis what is responsible for the aircraft radio signals going haywire.There are even supposed proofs for the same, the most importantone being the Biminis Road, which is a peculiar rock structure thatappears to be an ancient dockyard.33 34. Theory 5: Extra-terrestrial Activity There is a slight variation in the two versions of thistheory but the basic idea is the same. One version states that itall occurs due to aliens or living beings from other planets,abducting people, while the other version has a slightly differenttake on it. It says that the aircraft and ships travelling over theregion sometimes end up there at the time when aliens aresupposedly travelling between our planet and theirs. These vesselsare then automatically taken along to another dimension or maybe, who knows, even to another planet altogether! And the poorthings are unable to return. 34 35. Theory 4: Strong Magnetic Field This theory says that the cause behind the notoriousreputation of the Bermuda Triangle is the Earths magnetic fieldin that particular region. It has been often observed thatcompasses begin to spin rapidly near the area, and navigationequipment stop functioning properly. This is because it is one ofthe two places on earth where the geographic north andmagnetic north coincide. Due to this, electromagnetic stormsoriginating below the earths surface rise to the atmosphere. Thestrong magnetic effects in the region is believed to be responsiblefor so many people vanishing into thin air.35 36. Theory 3: U.S. Military Base Ever heard about Area 51? It is a base of the U.S. Air Forcewhere testing of military equipment is carried out and which isnotorious for many reported UFO sightings. Well, there is asimilar testing base of the U.S. Navy on the Andros Islands in theBahamas. Some people believe that there is something more to itthan a mere weapon testing base and that it is the site where thegovernment has built equipment to communicate with theextraterrestrial. And it is this supposedly advanced technologythat has something to do with the vanishing of ships and planes!36 37. Theory 2: Rough Weather This is one of the more practical theories explaining themystery. The Atlantic Ocean is famous for its storms, hurricanesand rough weather. Violent storms and hurricanes cause thewaves to rise as high as 80 feet or more. Add to that the strongcurrent of the Gulf Stream and you have a situation from which itis almost impossible to escape! Even more danger lurks beneaththe ocean as this is the deepest region in the Atlantic, the locationof the Puerto Rico trench. So, if a ship or an aircraft gets trappedin the storm and sinks deep into the water, it can very well appearto have disappeared without a trace!37 38. Theory 1: Human Error Believed to be the number one reason for thedisappearances, this theory states that it all happened as a resultof human errors. The area surrounding the Bermuda Triangleconsists of a string of islands, each very similar to the other.Because of this, it is very difficult to find your way there.Moreover, the rough weather and storms add to the risk factor. Insuch a scenario, once you are lost, it becomes very difficult toreturn. Also, the area experiences a lot of air traffic whichincreases the probability of disasters.38 39. Videos 39 40. 40 41. 41