BER Workshop- "FLIP" Your Science Instruction -Southern California February 2015

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<p>Flip Your Science Instruction: Practical Strategies and the Best New Tools</p> <p>Flip YOUR Science Instruction:Practical Strategies and theBest New ToolsBUREAU OF Educational RESEARCHWiFi login:SLIDE SHARE:</p> <p>Brian S. Milleraka SMARTERTEACHER</p> <p> OR @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>WiFi Login:Slide Share:Brian S. MillerLa Salle High School Pasadena, CA30 Year Science Educator(Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Anatomy, Environmental Science)SMART Board ConsultantSocratic Chemistry FounderSOPHIA Featured Teacher NSTA &amp; CSTA Presenter</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229 The HandbookGraduate Credit for Professional Development from Brandman University pD-EResources Page -p80Notes -p82Evaluation p89Page Notations</p> <p>Resource after you return to the rituals of your classroom.PageOur Day8:00 8:30 - Arrival8:35 9:00 - Introductions and Housekeeping9:00 10:00 - The Essentials of Flipping10:00 10:15 - Break10:15 10:45 - Stepping Stones to Flipping10:45 11:15 - Creating Accountability11:15 11:45 - Starting With Online Videos11:45 1:00 - Lunch1:00 2:00 - Lets Make a Resource2:00 2:10 - Break2:10 2:50 - Back to Your Classroom2:50 3:00 - WPAs and Closure </p> <p> or or @ScienceRoom2292ObjectivesBy the end of the day you should be able to</p> <p>Explain how you could get started in implementing a successful flipped classroom for your science discipline. List tools for using mobile technology to create flipped learning experiences for your students Design effective flipped science lessons with highly effective apps and other tech tools to meet the needs of your studentsIdentify Step-by-step techniques for using the flipped classroom to effectively teach rigorous science skills and concepts, including those aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards or @ScienceRoom2292ObjectivesBy the end of the day you should be able toExplain how to create a more accessible learning environment for all studentsIdentify creative ways to reach students in their world through online tools and media they already useInitiate innovative, student-centered strategies to implement the flipped classroom in secondary science classesIdentify Low-cost and no-cost ideas for flipping your classroom for science. or @ScienceRoom2292ObjectivesBy the end of the day you should be able toEvaluate what is new in educational technology, including apps and outstanding software that are ideal for differentiated learning in a flipped classroomList ways to fully involve ALL of your students during in-class learningStep-by-step instructions for creating effective videotaped lessons that can be used to pre-teach, re-teach and strengthen understandingIdentify Proven techniques to involve students in seeing and doing science with effective video clips that enhance your science instructionIntroductory Questions1. After looking over the objectives, what questions do you feel are most important for your purposes in attending todays seminar?2. Are there any other questions or concepts that are not represented in the objectives that you would like to see addressed? or Parable of the stonesA man was out walking in the desert when a voice said to him, "Pick up some pebbles and put them in your pocket, and tomorrow you will be both happy and sad." The man obeyed. He stooped down and picked up a handful of pebbles and put them in his pocket. The next morning he reached into his pocket and found diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds. And he was both happy and sad. Happy he had taken some - sad that he hadn't taken more.</p> <p></p> <p> or @ScienceRoom2295-11Four Essential Elements of the Flipped ClassroomStudent Centered EnvironmentTeacher as Learning FacilitatorContent Delivery ResourcesHigher-Order or @ScienceRoom2295-11Student Centered Environment</p> <p>5-11Student Centered Environment</p> <p>5-11The Teacher as Facilitator</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom2295-11The Teacher as Facilitator</p> <p>5-11Content Delivery or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>Offer ChoiceProvide OpportunityMaintain Equal Footing5-11Higher Order or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>5-11Higher Order Questions</p> <p>5-11Higher Order Questions</p> <p>5-11Higher Order Questions</p> <p>CHECKPOINT or @ScienceRoom22912Where are you at currently, in regards to using the flipped lesson format?What do you need to do to begin/increase/continue your flipped learning classroom? What are the obstacles you need to overcome?What has fueled your interest in the flipped learning format?Break Please Be Back on Time</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229NGSS</p> <p>STEM</p> <p>STEAM</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p></p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>13-187 STEPPING STONES TO A FLIPPED CLASSROOMBRAINSTORMCREATEDESIGNPREPARESET OUTCOMESBUILD A LIBRARYCREATE A PORTAL7 STEPPING STONES TO A FLIPPED CLASSROOMBRAINSTORM</p> <p>CREATE</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom22913-187 STEPPING STONES TO A FLIPPED CLASSROOMDESIGN</p> <p>PREPARE</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom22913-187 STEPPING STONES TO A FLIPPED CLASSROOMSET OUTCOMES</p> <p>BUILD A LIBRARY</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom22913-187 STEPPING STONES TO A FLIPPED CLASSROOMCREATE A PORTAL</p> <p>START FLIPPING</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom22913-1819-24CREATING ACCOUNTABILITY IN THE FLIPPED CLASSROOMC - CHOICEA ACCOUNTABILITYN NO EXCUSEST THREE BEFORE ME or @ScienceRoom22919-24C - or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>19-24A - or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>19-24A - ACCOUNTABILITY4619-24N No or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>T Three Before MeCHECKPOINT or @ScienceRoom22925How do you see student accountability and the flipped lesson format playing a role in your classroom environment?What methods do you currently utilize to hold students accountable in your traditional classroom? How can these be adapted to the flipped lesson format?What methods do currently utilize in your use of the flipped lesson format to maintain and encourage student accountability?Benefits of the flipped or @ScienceRoom22927Students can take ownership of their learning. Teachers can create or select educationally entertaining videos to capture student attention, instead of having students absorb through textbooks and homework problems.The classroom becomes a student centered learning environment, rather than teacher directed a content driven.Students receive instant feedback in class as they are problem solving.Benefits of the flipped or @ScienceRoom22927Students are not as frustrated because they can ask questions immediately and work through confusion. Teachers can revisit concepts that trip-up students and reform the pace of the lesson plan based on feedback.Students do not have to rely on parents, tutors or potentially inaccurate internet sources to work through tough problems.Teachers can provide options to students with different learning styles and offer more one-on-one time.Benefits of the flipped or @ScienceRoom22927Students who are absent or miss class due to school activities have access to the content delivery outside of the classroom. Administrators, colleagues and parents have access to the content being delivered in your classroom.More time to allow for student involvement in Project Based Learning, Inquiry Based Learning, and Gamification.Development of Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaborative skill sets through increased interaction between students and teachers in the classroom. Possible Draw-backs of the flipped or @ScienceRoom22928Not all students have access to at-home technology.Not all teachers are tech savvy enough to master the flipped classroom model, and schools may need to adopt additional hiring criteria for new teachers.The method relies on students watching the videos and potentially fails if they do not.Possible Draw-backs of the flipped or @ScienceRoom22928Teachers may be at a loss as what to do with in-class time. Teachers are more reliant on student feedback and questions to drive daily interaction.With the emphasis on out of class lessons, some ask why we need teachers, and insist the flipped classroom too closely resembles a hands-off online learning environment.Educators need time to develop online content and create a student centered learning environment, through Inquiry and Project Based Learning methods. CHECKPOINT or @ScienceRoom22925What online resources do you currently utilize to find, use, and introduce media, for your flipped lesson format?What format are you currently using to share your flipped lessons with your students for your classroom environment?LunchPlease Be Back ON timeSTART FLIPPING WITH VIDEOS ONLINE , NOW!!!29-35</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom22929-35</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229Making a Flipped Digital Resource48-55</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>START FLIPPING WITH VIDEOS ONLINE , NOW!!! or @ScienceRoom229IF IT AINT BROKE DONT FIX IT!!!VIEW BEFORE ASSIGNINGCONTENTVOCABULARYLEARNING GOALS &amp; OBJECTIVESGRADE LEVELSAFETY</p> <p>CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID!!!37-43</p> <p>KISSCREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?SHORT37-43</p> <p>ONE (1) MINUTE PER GRADE or @ScienceRoom229CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?INTERESTING37-43WOULD YOU WATCH YOUR VIDEO? or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS? or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p> or @ScienceRoom229</p> <p>CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?PLANNED37-43</p> <p>STORY BOARD ON PAGE 44CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?LEARNING TOOL37-43</p> <p></p> <p>CREATING YOUR OWN VIDEOS?</p> <p>PLANNING THE VIDEO or @ScienceRoom229Introduction - Introduce the puropose of the video. Identify the concept and create a connection to previous knowledge if necessary....</p>


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