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  • 1. HRW Elements of Literature Life in 999 p. 47 Fury of the Northmen p. 28 Beowulf p. 21-46

2. 2. Alliteration - The repetition of consonant sounds in words that are close to one another. 3. Epic - A long narrative poem that relates the great deeds of a larger-than-life hero who embodies the values of a particular society. 4. Epic Hero - the main character or protagonist in an epic that is heroically larger than life, often the source and subject of legend or a national hero.5. Kenning - Anglo-Saxon poetry, a metaphorical phrase or compound word used to name a person, place, thing, or event indirectly. 3. Archetypeis the original form, thought or idea that is replicated in other images or ideas. This pattern occurs enough to be widely recognized by members of a society or even an entire culture. Itis important to develop an understanding of archetype so that readers can see the patterns of archetypal characters in literature as a way to make connections within the human experience. 4. Beowulf KingArthur Odysseus LukeSkywalker Aladdin Aragon William (Knights Tale) King Leonidas (300) Simba Rocky Harry Potter 5. 1. possesses superior physical strength 2. is supremely ethical 3. goes on a quest 4. battles evil monsters 5. embodies the values of a culture 6. is glorified by the people he saves 6. How would conditions in the Anglo-Saxon era contribute to the rise of the epic poem Beowulf?Read Life in 999 from Time on p. 47 7. Page 47 8. Afterreading each paragraph, paraphrase the information in the margins. Ex. 9. Goback to the text and gather information to fill in to the following two column chart: Whats Interesting UseWhats Importantthe information from the Whats Important column to write a brief summary of the article. 10. Readthe insert and make note of the shape and decoration on the prow of the Viking ships. Discuss, how would the depth of their ships keels allow Vikings to make sneak attacks on Anglo-Saxon villages near rivers that flow to the sea? 11. Listen to the CD of a professional reading of Beowulf. Read silently as you listen. DO NOT LOOK ANYWHERE BUT AT THE TEXT DURING THE READ. Keep your place in the text by using an index card, a ruler, a sheet of paper, or your fingers. 12. Stopafter each numbered part of Beowulf and write a brief summary of the events in that chapter. 13. Whatcultural values does Beowulfs boasting about himself to Hrothgar and his men reveal? What hardships in Anglo-Saxon times do you think Grendel represents? His mother? The dragon? Your group will need to defend your ideas against those of other groups in the class. 14. Basedupon the article Life in 999, consider how living conditions in the AngloSaxon era contributed to the rise of the epic poem Beowulf. Write a one paragraph response, including specific details from Life in 999 and Beowulf to support your inferences.