Bat tle for Iwo Jima BY: Cuautli Verastegui

Battle for iwo jima

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Page 1: Battle for iwo jima

Battle for Iwo Jima

BY: Cuautli Verastegui

Page 2: Battle for iwo jima

• America had been interested in bombing Tokyo ever since the Doolittle Raid.

• Americas attempts to bomb Tokyo had been fairly unsuccessful because they could only bomb the city with their B-29 bombers.

• Iwo Jima already had 3 airfield located on the island.

• Iwo Jima’s location would provide a stepping stone for the U.S. to eventually invade the Japanese mainland.


Page 3: Battle for iwo jima

• Iwo Jima is a 8 square mile and was part of Japan’s home soil.

• It was only around 650 miles away from Tokyo.

• It lay around half way between Japan and the American bases on the Marianas islands.


Page 4: Battle for iwo jima

• U.S. bombarded the island for 3 days prior to its invasion of the island which began on February 19, 1945 .

• The island had been heavily fortified, and it contained 1,500 rooms with 16 miles of underground tunnels.

• General Kuribayashi was in command of the Japanese forces.


Page 5: Battle for iwo jima

• The battle had been essentially won by the U.S within 8 days of fighting, but the Japanese would make them fight for every inch of territory.

• By this time U.S. forces had captured the southern, western, and Mt. Suribachi parts of the island.

• Fighting ended on March 26, 1945—a 36 day long invasion.


Page 6: Battle for iwo jima

• There were 26,000 American casualties with nearly 6,800 dead.

• Only 1,083 Japanese survived out of 20,000 Japanese defenders.

• 18 American ships were sunk or badly damaged.