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First Basic Computer Literacy Part 1 training session for teachers.Conducted in GPS Matta Nilishang, Battagram, Pakistan from April 03, 2012 to April 05, 2012 by MIED in partnership with PPAF


  • 1. Capacity Building of Teachers in ICT-PedagogyFirst Basic Computer Literacy Part 1 training session, conducted in GPS Matta Nilishang, Battagram from April 03, 2012 to April 05, 2012
  • 2. Easy-to-understand Assessed the Concept based on Prepared BCL-P1 ICT Development Stages Conducted first BCL-P1 training session training and ICT development training manual; BCL-P1 training in awareness needs stages (Emerging, concise and easy GPS MattaAssessment of the teachers in Applying, to understand in Nilishang schools on Infusing and Urdu language successfully and effective use of Transforming), with pictures ensuring knowledge-sharing ICT Tools in supporting with students Education decagonal SIP Model
  • 3. Availability In the targeted schools Computer Labs have already been setup by MIED in Partnership with PPAF ICT: One of the Basic Building Blocks of Modern society.Role of ICT Computers :One of the Most Important ICT Tools in Education Capacity Building Capacity of Teachers in learning ICT pedagogies for Improved Teaching and Learning Environment Building School To initiate and help in developing locally-specific ICT Pedagogies and Models towards learning-centered schoolsDevelopment
  • 4. Planned, designed andconducted this capacity We motivated and mobilizedbuilding session using the teachers prior to conductinternally the session to ensure theiravailable resources and active participationskills Internal Mobilization Resources Our TeamTo tackle with electricity Work Teachers were assignedbreakdown issue during to develop lesson plans onthe session, personal laptops the same topic for theirwere used students; lead by HT and supported by our PT Knowledge Devotion Sharing
  • 5. Lessons learned Novices in novice-only sessions. Avoid technical jargons. Emphasis should be placed on building positive initial experience with computer. Emphasize not what the computer can do, but what the user can do with the computer. Encourage teachers to continue practicing hands-on even after the training sessions. Strategy of proper supervision and facilitation; necessary to ensure effective utilization of such tools. Teamwork with innovative ideas can lead us to achieve our goals.
  • 6. Looking forward On-the-job support to teachers in GPS Matta Nilishang to develop lesson plans for their students. BCL-P1 in GPS Batta Mori from April 09, 2012 to April 10, 2012 How to conduct these sessions in girls schools? How to ensure proper supervision and facilitation in these computer labs? How to tackle with frequent and unscheduled electricity breakdowns?
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