Banned Books Week: AASL Standards and Signs

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This PowerPoint packet contains signs that we used to demonstrate the American Association of School Librarians' Standards for the 21st Century Learner that are supported by our students' engagement with books that contain challenging and controversial material. Feel free to use, share, and build on any of the ideas you find here.

Text of Banned Books Week: AASL Standards and Signs

  • 1. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaught ReadingBanned Books

2. Liberty County High School Media CenterYou dont have to burnbooks to destroy a culture;just get people to stopreading them.-Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 3. Liberty County High School Media CenterThere are worse crimesthan burning books. Oneof them is not readingthem.-Joseph Brodsky, Russian American Poet and Author 4. Liberty County High School Media CenterBooks and ideas are themost effective weaponsagainst intolerance andignorance.-Lyndon B. Johnson, American President 5. Liberty County High School Media CenterYes, books aredangerous. They shouldbe dangeroustheycontain ideas.-Pete Hautman, author of What Boys Really Want 6. Liberty County High School Media CenterGive me knowledge orgive me death!-Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse V 7. Liberty County High School Media CenterI write real life. Its harshand sometimesgrittywhy should we tiptoe around that?-Shandy L. Kurth, author of It Can Always Get Worse 8. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaught ReadingChallengedBooks 9. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtSeeking outknowledgeAASL Standard 1 10. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtFormingOwn opinionsAASL Standard 1.2.1, 1.2.4, & 1.3.2 11. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtConsideringDifferent Points ofviewAASL standard 2.3.2 12. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtThoughtfullyconfrontingreal-life issuesAASL Standard 2.3.1 13. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtConnecting reading tocommunity issuesAASL Standard 3.1.5 14. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtDisplaying curiosityAASL Standard 4.2.1 15. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtSeeking opportunitiesfor personal growthAASL Standard 4.1.1 16. Liberty County High School Media CenterCaughtInterpretinginformation based oncontextAASL Standard 4.4.2 17. Liberty County High School Media CenterIts nottoo late toGet caught Reading! 18. Liberty County High School Media CenterJoin us in yourMedia Centeranytime! 19. Dont have aQR Code Reader yet?We used the website KAYWA to create our QR codes for ourBanned Book Week displays. This QR Code will take you to theKAYWA website, where you can create your own QR Codes.To read a QR Code using your iPad, you will need to download a QR CodeReader. We recommend Qrafter, which is free in the App Store.Using Qrafter: Click the Scan with Camera icon and point your iPad toward the QRCode you want to scan. Once the QR Code is scanned, you can choose to open the URL or tosend the link in a message or e-mail. Qrafter will save a list of scanned URLs for you so that you can return tosites youve previously visited. 20. Fahrenheit 451by Ray BradburyScan the QR Code to access a copy of Fahrenheit451 at the Internet Archive website.The Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that wasfounded to build an Internet library, and to offerpermanent access to information for researchers,historians, scholars, and the general public.Does Paper Really Burn at 451 Degrees Fahrenheit?Scan the QR Code to read the article byBrian Palmer that addresses this question.Slate is a daily magazine on the web that offersanalysis and commentary about politics, news,business, and culture. 21. CommonlyChallenged booksScan the QR Code to view Butler University Librarysresource guide about books that have beenchallenged throughout the years.Butler University Library is part of the Butler University Campusin Indianapolis, Indiana. While there are many online resourcesabout challenged books, this resource guide is easy to navigateand full of great information!You probably see quite a few familiar titles on this list.Do any of those titles surprise you?Did any of the reasons the books were challenged surprise you? 22. Challenged booksBy the NumbersScan the QR Code to view the American LibraryAssociations Office for Intellectual Freedoms datacharts and graphs about challenged books in theU.S.This site uses visual representations of data to show BookChallenges by reason for the challenge, people who ofteninitiate challenges (students, parents, teachers, etc.), and by thetype of institution involved (school, public library, etc.).When you look at these charts about challenged books, what do you think?What do you think when you see how often books are challenged inschools and school libraries compared to how often books are challengedin public libraries? Or, compared to prison libraries? 23. Grapes of Wrathand the politics of book burningScan the QR Code to listen to the NPR story Grapesof Wrath and the Politics of Book Burning.Lynn Neary, who is responsible for the linked story, is an NPR(National Public Radio) arts correspondent who has worked withNPR since 1982, and who has won numerous awards forbroadcasting and journalism.What do you think of the following quote in the article from Judith Krug?Theyre not afraid of the book; theyre afraid of the ideas.Can you think of any controversial books you have read recently for whichthat statement is true? 24. Why do weBan Books, Anyway?Scan the QR Code to find one answer.Do you want to share your own thoughts aboutchallenged and banned books?Submit your thoughts to our Panther Media Center blogby scanning the QR code at right and commenting onthe Banned Book Week post.Or email your thoughts to 25. Banning Books in the 21stcentury videoScan the QR Code to view Rocketbooms fast-paced and informative video.Knowledge is Power