Attracting and retaining talent in denmark

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  • 1. HRM-Tnketanken, Tuesday 15.06.2010 The HOPE Attracting and Retaining Young Global Talent in Denmark Presentation by: Ernesto Luna, Jakob Anker Hansen Salom A. Trambach
  • 2. About us...
  • 3. What is AIESEC ? Network of high potential graduates who seek discover and develop their leadership potential. 50,000 members, over 1100 universities, more than a 107 countries and territories. Unique platform for organisations to connect with and source truly global, diverse talent. Leading youth driven organisation with +60 years of experience
  • 4. AIESEC Denmark 300 active students 5 Local Committtees CBS + (ITU) Kbenhavns Universitet + (RUC+DTU) Syddansk Universitet Aarhus Univ. + ASB Aalborg Universitet
  • 5. Attracting Internationals in Denmark Exchange (Internship) Program Local Committee Global Network
  • 6. The AIESEC Exchange Program Hire an international intern from 6-72 weeks Highly motivated international graduates More than 9,000 exchanges per year A program prodiving the company with: Top talented candidates International platform to develop its business
  • 7. Young Talent Who are they? Students or recent graduates Nationals & Internationals
  • 8. Young Talent What do WE look for when recruiting? Students interested in global issues Future Leaders & Change agents Students that volunteer time besides study Team Players Diversity in knowledge & skills AIESEC CBS recruits from CBS & ITU
  • 9. What do THEY look for? Relevant work Challenges International setting Opportunities to travel Career development Building Experiences Fun & Social network
  • 10. What ELSE do internationals look for? The Setting Inside the workplace Inclusive environment Flat hierarchy structure: your bosss door is open! Emotional cycle of being abroad But work is not all! Branding of Denmark English-speaking pays off
  • 11. Attraction and retention Do AIESEC interns only stay for their internship? Over the past 2 years 75% of our interns have signed permanent contract They have: Social network Cultural integration Challenging job
  • 12. Looking ahead Increased mobility Use of virtual tools, web 2.0 Building social links, capitalizing on networks End of life-long careers ? Boosting Denmarks competitive edge
  • 13. Thank you