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Assignment 9: Getting into groupsKey Code:

Joanne: Abigail:

Gledis: Vera: Group work:

1Joanne.For my Assignment 8 project, I obtained a grade . The skill I bring to the group is my imagination and quick thinking to solve problems and contribution to concepts and ideas. Some targets I have made for myself are to:Add more visuals to my work and use less words.Sometimes go into greater depth with my explanations.C

2In assignment 8 I received a grade.

From this assignment I leant:How to apply elements and ideas used in other films and opening sequences to my own opening sequence. I also learnt the significance of making my opening sequence appealing to my target audience.

The skills that I bring to the group are :CreativityMy attention to detail and perfectionism My ambition to get things done

Targets that I have set myself are:It is very important to organise my slides and information neatly so that they are understood by my audience.It is essential that I include more images and diagrams rather that too much textI must speak louder when presenting my work to an audience.

CGledis.3Abigail.I received a on Assignment 8. I learnt about the importance of props and makeup as well as how to properly design a brainstorm.I bring creativity and organisation to my group. These skills will be particularly useful when we make the opening sequence.I want to improve the design of my presentation and work on writing briefer sentences. D+


4Vera.I received grade because I was missing a piece of my presentation. What I learned from this assignment is that i need to improve more on my PEE. The skills I bring to the group is my range of new ideas to help make a good opening sequence.My targets to improve my individual presentation is to obtain a grade C or above.U-D

5Joanne.My choice in theme was Thriller and my concept was identity. My idea for my opening sequence was:An unknown main character who the audience knows nothing about is shown.A second character who knows the identity of the unknown character is shown. A dead body in a body bag is being dragged across the floor.There is then an extreme close up of a woman screaming.A black out, followed by a woman being grabbed. (Taken)

6The theme of my opening sequence is the supernatural /discovery.The concept of my opening sequence is being haunted and terrorised by ghosts and spirits.

Main idea:The main character (a student) runs up the staircase to the top floor of the school. (close up of feet running) A long shot from the end of the hallway of the character as she reaches the top

As she walks down the hallway, incoherent, but loud whispering can be herd coming from the walls.

In between shots flashing images of newspaper articles will appear revealing that the school used to be a mental institution and something happened involving a patient.

She continues walking. At this point the character is very frightened and shaking. All the doors begin to slam by themselves. The students drops her folder from the shock. She notices blood on a door knob, opens it with her sleeve and follows a trail of blood to the cupboard door. As she opens the door, high pitched music to plays, what she sees is not revealed you only see her reaction. Gledis.7Abigail.The theme of my opening sequence is obsession and the concept was the idea of serial killers.The office worker is working late at the office following the latest murder. A colleague leaves them to it and exits the sceneYou see this from the killers POV who is silently watching from afar. The writer slowly starts to pack up and suspense building music will start. As they close their office door and turn down a series of corridors, a dark figure hides behind one of the corners and blocks their way. A series of camera angles will be used to film the killer stabbing the writer and as they die, the killer pulls out a camera to take a picture. The final part of this opening sequence is a cut to the killer sitting at a desk and printing the picture and carefully placing it in his scrapbook and slowly closing it as the scene ends.

8Vera.What went well is that I had a lot of images to support my presentation and have improved more on my work. It wouldve been even better if I included my PEE structure.The film that inspired me is Precious because it has abuse in it e.g. Sexual and emotional which helps a lot because my chosen idea was drama. 9Conventions of Horror...ConventionsExampleImageUse/Challenge/DevelopGhostsThe OthersChallenge In this film they made you aware of the wrong ghost, whereas in regular horrors, the ghostly figure is clear.House On A Haunted HillUse/Challenge They used the ghost to create fear amongst the audience and for the characters. They challenged it by making the ghost physically scary.

10Conventions of Horror...ConventionsExampleImageUse/Develop/ChallengeTerrorSawUse Close up of the face so that the viewer can see the terror in the victims eyes.The Human Centipede Use Close ups of the victims face to show terror.They also let the character and the audience know exactly what would happen. (Diagram beforehand).

11Conventions of Thrillers...ConventionsExampleImageUse/Develop/ChallengeStalkers/ ObsessionFatal AttractionUse- Someone becoming obsessed after a relationship Challenge using a female as the stalker instead of a male.The FanDevelop Instead of being obsessed with a woman and or a family, De Niro is obsessed with his favourite sports star and stalks him.

12Conventions of Thrillers...ConventionsExampleImageUse/Develop/ChallengeCrimeEye For An EyeDevelop A woman is used as the person seeking revenge for the crime rather than the typical use of a male character.The AmbulanceDevelop Not giving the audience a clear understanding of what the crime actually is at first.

13My Inspirational FilmsGothika

This film is inspirational because of the scratch marks and engravings that the ghost leaves on her arms is similar to the idea we had about our character waking up with the same marks that the ghost had when she died.14My Inspirational FilmsParanormal Activity

I found this movie inspirational because the characters used their own camera to document their experiences, which I thought would be a good addition to our opening sequence with our character doing the same. 15My Inspirational Films The Grudge

The ghost in this film is trying to get revenge for her death, which is just like with our film where our ghost is trying to avenge her own death.16LocationWe have two locations with this idea. The first, is a bedroom in which all of these supernatural things happen to the character in. There are no health and safety risks in this locationIMAGES

The desk that the character is working at, when she hears the noises coming from...17Location

...this wardrobe. More images of the desk...


The television thatll turn on my itself.

Another view of the desk and her working area.19LocationThis location is nearly always accessible as its my room, however, the only problem we may face with this location is when we can film as my mother works from home and noise from filming could be an issue.

We can get there from school by getting the 266 or 260 bus to Church Road and then a short walking distance, where wed have to cross four non-major roads.

20Location The second location will be an office-like space or a general area where the two characters can talk about the supernatural events that are happening.

I have yet to take pictures of an area thatll be suitable for this. 21Theme/ConceptAn idea we had for the theme was Revenge and the concept was Possession.

Revenge & Possession!GhostsMysteriousUnsuspectingSomeone who has been wrongedSuspicious circumstancesEnigmaVicious Twists & TurnsShocking revelationsVictimsHidden identitiesGhoulsInjusticeGrievance22Theme/ConceptAnother idea we had for the theme was Justice and concept was DeathJustice & Death!RighteousnessMoral Rightness.DecayA CauseLife After DeathSupernaturalMysteryVendettaRevengeMurder & Manslaughter23Our New Idea!After feedback, we decided to do option 2 which was to collaborate multiple ideas into one idea. We collaborated Gledis idea and Abigails idea and then developed it further. And this is the product...24The whole filmIt starts with the opening sequence, where in conversation with another character, the main character speaks of the strange ghostly goings-on in her home.The main character slowly begins to find out information about what her home was built on top of. She attempts to inform her family and friends.The main character has a series of close encounters with the ghost. Whilst sleeping she dreams of its life in the mental hospital that was where her home was built. The ghost possess the main character slowly. Thinking she is on drugs, her family hosts an intervention for her. At this intervention, she is fully possessed. Her family and friends, in a frenzy collectively kill the main character and burn her body. The cycle continues, with the audience being shown a family moving into a newly built home where the main characters house used to be. 25The opening sequenceThe character is at her desk typing and researching ghosts, hauntings and the history behind where her house is situated. Suddenly, her television turns on by itself, she grabs her camera to document this strange experience.After turning off the television, she walks back to her desk, and the another persons reflection is seen by the audience as they walk past her television.She hears another a noise coming from the drawer behind her, she scrambles to find out what it is.