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Ancient art of the americas from Stokstad textbook for Ms. Fuentes Art History class

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  • 1.Arts of the Americas

2. Mesoamerica 3. Olmec Art 4. 5. Colossal Head La Venta, Mexico 900-400 B.C.E. basalt 9 ft. 4 in. high. Olmecs -mother civilization of the Americas. 1st organized community known Gigantic Heads, idealized rules Weigh 10 tons Blend animal and human features in their artwork Back is flat-displayed against temple wall 6. 7. aerial view of Teotihuacn Pyramid of the Moon(foreground) Pyramid of the Sun(top left) Citadel(background) Valley of Mexico, Mexico structures ca. 50-200 8. detail of the Temple of Quetzalcatl The Citadel, Teotihuacn Valley of Mexico, Mexico 3rd century 9. Mayan Art250BCE -1251 CE Mayans were known for agricultural production in Yucatan rain forest Densely built cities Advanced writing, astronomy, architecture, math Elaborate religious rituals, blood letting, and human sacrifices Elevated roads Carved steles commemorated these rituals Maya- Guatemala 10. 11. Stele D portraying the ruler 18-Rabbit Great Plaza at Copn, Honduras 736 stone 11 ft. 9 in. high 12. Ball Court Middle Plaza at Copn, Honduras 738 13. Ball Court Middle Plaza at Copn, Honduras 738 14. View of Temples I & II from Temple IV Tikal, Petn, Guatemala ca. 741 212 ft. high 15. 16. Temple I Tikal, Petn, Guatemala ca. 732 145 ft. high 17. Ballplayer from Jaina Island, Mexico 700-900 painted clay 6 1/4 in. high Cosmic Ball Game Defining characteristic of Mesoamerican society Long rectagular court Padded players hit ball with elbows, knees, or hips Stone rings in walls were goals Common subject in sculpture Ball represented??? 18. 19. Presentation of captives to Lord Chan Muwan Room 2, Structure 1, Bonampak, Mexico ca. 790 mural approximately 17 x 15 ft. 20. Shield Jaguar and Lady Xoc from Lintel 24, Temple 23 Yaxchiln, Mexico ca. 725 limestone 3 ft. 7 in. x 2 ft. 6 1/2 in. 21. The Caracol (foreground)and the Castillo(background) Chichn Itz, Yucatn, Mexico ca. 800-900 22. The Castillo Chichn Itz, Yucatn, Mexico ca. 800-900 23. The Caracol Chichn Itz, Yucatn, Mexico ca. 800-900 24. South America 25. 26. Embroidered funerary mantle from southern coast of Peru first century C.E. plain weave camelid fiber with stem-stitch embroidery with camelid wool 4 ft. 7 7/8 in. x 7 ft. 10 7/8 in. 27. Moche Art 28. 29. Ear Ornament from a tomb at Span, Peru ca. 300 gold and turquoise approximately 4 7/8 in. wide 30. North America 31. Mississippian Art 32. 33. Serpent Mound Adams County, Ohio ca. 1070 1200 ft. long, 20 ft. wide, 5 ft. high 34. Anasazi Art 35. 36. Cliff Dwelling Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado ca. 1150-1300