Are Dolphins Doomed? They’re Sure Taking a Hit. By: Rachel Morris

Are dolphins doomed

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Are Dolphins Doomed? They’re Sure Taking a Hit.By: Rachel Morris

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Direct Facts • A lot of mass deaths of

dolphins have happened over the last few years.

• The deaths are not linked to one another.

• They aren’t all dying off.• Some dolphins are

completely fine. • Scientist say they do not

think these mass deaths are going to lead to dolphin extinction.

• The dolphins facing the major hits are The Bottlenose Dolphin.

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Places Where Mass Dolphin Deaths Have Occurred

Gulf of Mexico • Specific

populations of Bottlenose Dolphins.

Peru• Long-beaked

common Dolphins

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Continued Cape Cod

• Short-beaked common dolphin.

China • The Chinese River

Dolphin; baiji.

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