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  2. 2. Internet Access 2 ChooseLCR Meetingfrom the list of available networks. Enter LaCantera14 when prompted for a password.
  3. 3. Kim Singleton, MS, CCC-SLP Jami Slotnick, MOM Identifying the right apps isnt just a fairy tale! Appily Ever After 2015 National Conference San Antonio, TX July 2015
  4. 4. OK. Now its time for a little fun. Please take to your cell phone :)
  5. 5. Disclosure & Conference Rules In compliance with the requirements of ASHA's Continuing Education Board concerning transparency in course planning, delivery, and marketing, it is disclosed that Kim Singleton and/or Jami Slotnick have no presenters' financial and non- financial interests relevant to the content of their presentation. Were sorry but the use of cameras, audio recording devices, and/or video recording devices, including cell phones, is prohibited at the 2015 National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Participants found with audio or video recording any portion of the conference will be asked to leave.
  6. 6. What is Personal, Portable Technology? Mobile Smart Phones Tablets Laptops Interactive App-based Tech Toys
  7. 7. Why use Personal Portable Technology? Motivation Sound practice Interaction Auditory discrimination Play development Provides safe, contained, controlled world
  8. 8. Additional Reasons to Use Access to more - an entire library & toy store in a small device Camera feature Voice recorder Facetime/Skype Guided Access control On-the-go convenience
  9. 9. OK. Time for more fun! Please take to your cell phone again :)
  10. 10. How Can We Use this Technology? Listen to the child and tap into what engages/motivates them! Therapy-based app (vs.) Kids Game or mix of the two?
  11. 11. Context & Control Matter Who holds the device is critical Didactic positioning matters Consider Guided Access Create consistent rules for usage Taking turns/unexpected change/building flexibility Be cognizant of other visual or audio stimulants in the room
  12. 12. Trending Now: Bridging Screen Display & Reality Based Play OSMO Role Playing Time to Revive those Beanie Babies Toy Mail Use as Mirror
  13. 13. Interest Interaction Intention Immersion Imagination Intiution Demystifying the Six is Aptitude of Child Aptitude of Adult
  14. 14. Interest TOPICS i.e. Sharks, princesses, dinosaurs, bad guys, Doc McStuffins, Cars II, Angry Birds, etc. STYLES (LOOK & FEEL) i.e. Cartoon illustrations, realistic images, PINK, minimalist, colorful, predictable, changeable, etc.
  15. 15. OK. Just humor us You know what to do!
  16. 16. SOLO EXPLORATION i.e. To soothe, to relax, to learn, to navigate, to entertain, to anticipate, to communicate TOGETHER i.e. to engage, to learn, to interact, to be social, understand turn- taking, negotiation, to direct, follow and/or observe Interaction
  17. 17. Intention BOOK SMART STREET SMART Secondary positive outcome Learning goal or objective
  18. 18. Immersion FULL ATTENTION No issues focusing on a single action for a designated period of time committed to activity at hand EASILY DISTRACTED Difficulty attending or reluctance to use the device or stay focused on one app or transition to another app
  19. 19. Imagination Right-brain, free thinker of ideas and expression LINEAR COGNITIVE CONSTRUCT Rigid and craves predictability. Black-and-white thinker. OVERT CREATIVE PERSONA
  20. 20. Intuition People who were raised using technology Born post Internet Accustomed to a media- rich environment DIGITAL IMMIGRANTDIGITAL NATIVE Technology became available after their brain was developed to think a certain way
  21. 21. Yep, its that time again Just do it.
  22. 22. Some Tips for Buying Apps Take cues from the real world What does your child like? Check to see if there is a lite version of an app to test with child Research developers liked Explore a Series Go for 3-in-Ones/Bundles Make sure youre iPad is optimized for the latest Operating System Organize your apps in a way that makes sense to you Check Google & YouTube Channels Check App Store - Top Rated Remember, the iPad is a computer. Real 3D puzzles, Playdough, Slinkys, dolls and trucks still have their place. Check Ratings! (often overlooked)
  23. 23. Apps We Really Like Here are some of our faves. Apps to buy apps.
  24. 24. Last time We Promise! Come on, its fun!
  25. 25. Contact Us: Thank you! Links & more info: