ApacheCon 2014 - Apache Stratos - The PaaS Project from Apache

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Apache Stratos is the PaaS Project from Apache Community.


  • 1. Apache Stratos (Incuba2ng) Samisa Abeysinghe VP Developer Evangelism, WSO2 Member Apache So=ware FoundaBon 7th April 2014
  • 2. What is Apache Stratos (Incuba2ng)? A Pla'orm-as-a-Service (PaaS) Framework from Apache Community Ini@ally developed and maintained by WSO2 Donated to Apache SoGware Founda@on Evolved within the Apache Community for nearly a year Signicantly re-architected and improved in Apache
  • 3. What does it Do? Elas@c scalability for any type of service using underlying infrastructure cloud Managing logging and metering for services Provides founda@on services User management Storage Billing
  • 4. Stratos Architecture
  • 5. Stratos Cartridges Not only Web Oriented: e.g. Can Scale Thrift Services
  • 6. DevOps Tooling
  • 7. What are the Advantages Elas@c scalability for anything not only HTTP based services Cloud burs@ng Scale across mul@ple infrastructure clouds (IaaS) simultaneously Mul@ zone/data center support Mul@ple tenant isola@on levels In container mul@ tenancy OS container (LXC, Docker) Virtual machines Physical machines
  • 8. Apache Stratos (Incuba2ng) Try it! Be part of it!! o Join the community!!! o Contribute Cartridges Cartridge Store h[p://stratos.incubator.apache.org/index.html o Facebook: h[ps://www.facebook.com/apache.stratos o LinkedIn: h[p://www.linkedin.com/groups/Apache-Stratos-5131436 o Twi[er: h[ps://twi[er.com/ApacheStratos