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2. Presentation on Developing an application for an Operating System Md. Asifujjaman 102014018 3. Intro Here I try to build a camera which will work or capture image by voice or sound command. Before enabling application to use cameras on Android devices, we should consider a few questions about how app intends to use this hardware feature. Camera requirement Quick picture or customized camera Storage 4. Tools Eclipse ADT(Android Developer Tools) JRE JDK Android Virtual Emulator 5. Getting Started Camera Intent Compose a Camera Intent -Create an Intent that requests an image or video, using one of these intent types: MediaStore.ACTION_IMAGE_CAPTURE - Intent action type for requesting an image from an existing camera application. Start the Camera Intent - Use the startActivityForResult() method to execute the camera intent. After starting the intent, the Camera application user interface appears on the device screen and the user can take a picture Receive the Intent Result - Set up an OnActivityResult() method inapplication to receive the callback and data from the camera intent. When the user finishes taking a, the system calls this method. 6. Image capture intent Capturing images using a camera intent is quick way to enable application to take pictures with minimal coding.