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S.I.E.T. () (Android Application)


Kuvempu universityDepartment of MCA and Computer Science Jnana Sahyadri Shankarghatta-577451

Guided by:-

Dr. prabhakar C.J sir Lecturer Dept. of MCA & Computer science Kuvempu University.

Presented by;-

Adarsha T.M and Gururaj S 4th semester 2nd M.Sc.(Cs) Dept. of MCA & Com.sci Kuvempu University.

Abstract Objective Drawbacks of Existing System Proposed System System Configuration Activity Life Cycle Data Flow Diagram Building blocks of android code Screenshots Future Plan ReferencesContent

Modern hand held devices such as smart phones have become increasingly powerful in recent years. So I would like to introduce our University Application for everyone whether he/she is student or not. Everyone can easily access our University App. It will be easy to access the all features of our App to all users.

We make this project, to solve some difficulties faced by everyone related to results, examinations and power consumption by systems and it is feasible for every type hardware processor, operating system (android v3.3 and above), and memory used.Abstract

Open software(source) platform for mobile application developmentA complete stack OS, Middleware, ApplicationsAn Open Handset Alliance (OHA) projectPowered by Linux operating systemFast & easy application development

ObjectiveWhy Android Application?

Easy to get information.Easily accessible to students.University websites to Android appsCost effective.Time effective.Easy resource availability.Reduce power consumption.

Why University Application?

Drawbacks of existing system

Now a day we have website for our kuvempu university and its not user friendly. We need some browser to access it, so it is time consuming. And also we have some difficulties which are arises while searching for specific information. In order to overcome these difficulties, we go for simple and user friendly apps.kuvempu university already has website, but many users cant understand how to access the required information. The existing website is not so user friendly.Now a day every facility is available through their respective apps. So for this reason we created this application to provide a basic information because everyone users also depend on ANDROID applications today.

Proposed system:Considering the drawbacks in the existing system in the mind the new system should be developed. In proposed system we propose software which can keep all the data in organized manner. Now a day every activity is done through some respective apps, the main goal of us is to develop an app that include some feature available in website and also we include a unique feature those will helps to the various users. The main advantages of proposed system:Time efficient. Anybody can easily access.Contains many additional feature to the existing system.Easy to access required information.


UI Tested on:

Android emulatorGenymotion (emulator)Hardware Requirement:

800 MHz Processor256 Mb+ RAM

Software Requirement:

Android 3.3(Gingerbread) or Higher Setting Application Unknown Sources - Checked


Activity life cycle

Data flow diagram

Building Blocks of Android Code





Android Manifest



Future plans

Providing the registration facility for students as well as staff.Improving the UI.Providing the course names with their department profile.Giving the notifications of events.Providing the street view of Kuvempu university.