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  • Innovative Community Mural ProjectInitiating Creative Space & Dialogue

  • Painting is BACK!

  • Murals can communicate more than one viewpoint or perspective.

  • Collecting different interpretations gives participants the chance to compare and discuss

  • and participants consider how their design is perceived.

  • Dialogue is not an over the shoulder task but an opportunity to connect with others.

  • Does a really exciting mural stay with you like a musical jingle?

  • Offer constructive feedback and praise

    Art has the power to open dialogue and art can be MORE than a pretty picture. Let participants connect to the color, to the size, to the shapelet the creation of the images and ideas personally connect with your participants.

  • Talking to participants seriously about their work

  • reminds them to take their work seriously!

  • What is it? is very different from asking, Whats this about?

  • AskWhat is this about?

  • Be careful when the emphasis is put on following directions vs. making art

  • Art and artists can be great sources of inspiration

  • The creative processWhat is the impact of outside influences on art?How does an artists background inform their work and how does our experience as a viewer inform our understanding of it?What impact do art education and/or mentors have on an artist?How are artists influenced by one another?How do institutions play a role in artist development?

  • Establishing creative space & dialogue

  • Building Up to the Mural Project Think of five words to finish this statement

  • There is a space where once stood our____________.

  • Now that you have FIVE words

    Create an icon, like you would see on your computer, for each word

    Keep it simple and small, yet meaningful

    Do not insert too many details into your icons

  • This is an icon created by Mohamed A.

  • You put your ideas into the world

  • to give back to those who give to YOU.

  • INSPIRING spaces and the conversations within the space inspire creative ideas

  • Initiating Creative Space & DialogueAndee Rudloff, Artist/Curator/

  • Thank you and HAPPY PAINTING!!!