Ancient wonders captured in 3d jeopardy game

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  • 1. Jeopardy Rules Work in groups of 5 The members of the group elect one member to choose a question to answer. The members have to discuss the answer to the question together before they say it to the class. Each question should be answered in NO more than 90 seconds The group with the highest score gets a BONUS. Now lets listen to the lecture!
  • 2. Ben Kacyras SpeechMain Ideas & DetailsOrganization10a 10b 10a 10b20a 20b 20a 20b30a 30b 30a 30b40a 40b 40a 40b50a 50b 50a 50b
  • 3. How did the speaker attract theaudiences attention at the beginning?
  • 4. What is the focus of the lecture?
  • 5. Why does the speaker call it adigital preservation war ?
  • 6. What other digital technologiesbesides 3D laser scanning doesthe speaker mention as helpingpreservation?
  • 7. What do the mobile apps do,and what type of person might beinterested in them?
  • 8. According to the speaker,who do we owe digital preservationof historic sites?
  • 9. How did the speakerconclude his speech?
  • 10. What is the significance ofthe Royal Kasubi Tombs?
  • 11. What types of events are causingthese sites to be destroyed?Give 3 types of events.
  • 12. What is the accuracy (in millimeters)of the 3D laser points?
  • 13. How many points a day can asurveyor record using traditional tools?
  • 14. How long did it taketo scan the audience?
  • 15. What challenge did the speakerset for the project?
  • 16. How many points per secondcan the 3D scanner produce?
  • 17. What event led the speaker toexpand the foundations missionto include digital heritage preservation?
  • 18. What type of destructiondoes the speaker say isaccelerating the fastest?
  • 19. What are some uses forthe 3D images?
  • 20. Why was it so difficult to scanMount Rushmore?
  • 21. How many sites has thefoundation scanned?Name 3.
  • 22. What is the projects name?What does the name mean?
  • 23. Applying the ideas of the lecture With your team, imagine that you had access to the technology described in this lecture. What sites in Egypt would you want to scan? How could these scans be used to help Archeologists? Tourism? Other businesses?