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Alicia Keys - No one

Alicia keys - No One Video Analysis

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This is an analysis of alicia Keys video no one I have discussed different features such as props, custume and performance.

Text of Alicia keys - No One Video Analysis

  • 1. Within this PowerPoint I will be analysing a music video from the R&B genre. The video I have decided to analyse is Alicia keys No one. Introduction

2. The genre of this song is R&B The genre of the video The first shot in the video is the insides of a very expensive piano showing that the artist has a lot of money and they can afford the better lifestyle. I can also tell this is an R&B video from this as this is a typical instrument used in the R&B genre many R&B artist play pianos while they perform . This is another shot to show the audience that this is an R&B video, you can see the artist is in a bit room of what we can imagine is a big house most likely a mansion. Having a mansion in a R&B video is a very typical convention of a R&B video. 3. Setting and Dcor From this shot you can see the dcor is very basic with just a lamp and some open curtains. Doing this adds emphasis to the artist as the are the main object in the room .The light also adds emphasis to the artist as the light illuminate s them bringing them to your attention They have added a scene with the artist surrounded by musical instrument's, with her playing her iconic piano, seeing this setting you instantly know its Alicia Keys as she is know for her piano playing skills hence the name keys 4. Costume Throughout the video the artist is wearing simple outfits to make sure too much attention is not drawn away from her. She wears two casual outfits and two more glamorous outfits but still very simple.The glamorous outfits are quite tight to pull you in to looking at the artist as this has a sex appeal about it. 5. Props This video is very simple and there very little props however this is one prop that is used.This prop is used to advertise a product that Alicia Keys is clearly sponsored by, it is likely that she has a deal with Sony so she must advertise there products in her videos. 6. Body language and movement Alicia Keys movement is used to change into another scene. She stands up and walks over to the wall and as she's walking the camera pans along with her and moves into another scene . 7. Performance The performance for this video is very much Alicia Keys playing her piano or keyboard lip synching along to the music. She does this in multiple different locations. 8. For this video there isn't really a narrative at all the video is just based around the artist playing her musical instrument in different locations. Narrative