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<p> 1. Character and Narrative EventsOn the front cover, there is an image of Alicia Keys being somewhat shielded by a piano as she is arespected and well known pianist. Her stage name Keys has been influenced by Alicias love foracoustic and raw attitude to music by having mostly instrumental backing tracks on all her songs butalso a sense of secrecy, as if shes locking things away and only she has the key. Due to Alicia Keysbeing covered by the piano it could indicate shes hiding from something and she has a secret that canonly be expressed through the lyrics in her songs. Again the theme of secrets is apparent in the title ofthe album the diary of Alicia Keys, a diary you keep secrets or at least something you dont wantothers to know, again indicating she has something to tell or share with the audience. Her makeup issultry and enticing to both a female and male audiences, however its quite minimal and natural whichis similar to her music as it is stripped back by only using instruments rather than including thetechnical and auto tuning her voice, she prefers the maximum affect on the audience as her lyrics havemeaning and emotion behind them. Her makeup also corresponds with the golden glow of her skin, thepiano keys and the background; this could indicate how shes leaving her mark on music as well as heraudience. Her clothing displays chains and has chains as straps, suggesting shes in chains aboutkeeping her secret separate for the ones she loves, however all with me explained within the songs.SettingIn this image, the settinglooks similar to the layoutand construction of a pianowith the curved edgesbehind Alicia Keys, againcreating a narrative enigmathat she could be encasingher feelings into her songs,but not exactly establishingwhat shes keeping hidden.The background colourlooks similar to that of thepiano keys in front of theartists face, whichindicates a connection andalso, the colourcorresponds with thesimple text and the artistsskin tone as it isnt tooharsh or demanding whenregarding the artists skinbut allows the white text tostand out against thebrown/golden colour andthe black of her hair.Technical codesThe text is informal andsimple due to the relaxmanner in the way inwhich it is set out, by nothaving capital letterswhich could suggestAlicias natural passionand enthusiastic outlookon music as she doesnthave to try hard toimpress which could bethe reason for the lowercase letters used. Thecolour of the text standsout against both thebackground colours,brown of the piano andblack of her hair. Thecontrast of the whiteagainst the black couldsuggest how innocent sheportrays herself and hersimple approach to music,using the acoustic side ofmusic rather than thedigital enhanced stylemost artists are going for,yet she is dangerous, inthe music industry andpersonally. High keylighting has been used toenhance Alicias naturalskin tone and glow thatcomes alongside havingbronzed skin. However,despite the image beingnatural in terms of skintone the image has beenedited due to the flawlessand immaculatecomplexion of Alicia Keys.IconographyThe most iconic aspect of the front cover ofthis album would be the different elementsdotted around within the mise en scene. Forexample, the piano keys that obscure AliciaKeys face identify with her stage name andher genre of music, mostly using a piano andthe more traditional forms of music. In thebackground, the curve in the strong fallowarea just behind Alicias head is almostidentical to the curve of a piano which is apreferred instrument of Alicias. By looking atthe back cover, she is standing almost inbetween the keys and what would cover thepiano at the top.Therefore making all elementsdisplayed in the image above on the frontcover, iconic to the genre and the artistherself. 2. IconographyThe iconic element presenton the CD to Alicia Keysalbum is the different typesof keys which match herstage name, the title of thealbum and how she feelsabout music. Although herstage name generallyrepresents the keys on apiano or keyboard, thekeys displayed on the CDcould suggest how shesgot the key to her musiccareer and possibly in herpersonal life. The title ofher album can beconnected to her design ofher CD as a diary wouldneed a key to unlock it,again suggesting needingto unlock something.However, contradictingwhat I mentionedpreviously, maybe Aliciafeels she needs to trydifferent keys or stylesbefore achieving herdesired approach andaudience, meaning shehad to try multiple keys tounlock her voice, musicalcareer and feelings. This isiconic to this album andAlicia Keys as it is heralbum and part of herstage name, which shellbe remembered Technical codes for in time.The text is kept to a minimumwith only the title of the album,record label and legaldocumentation of the CDdisplayed. The minimal andsimple appearance of the CDlinks with Alicias singing style,rather simple in the way inwhich its produced and sungbut maxed out on wow factor.This means that despitehaving a simple approach tothe decorative element of all ofthe CD, she also takes thesame approach to singing asher singing is stripped backyet she has much force withinher voice due to theenthusiasm and meaningbehind the lyrics and song. 3. Narrative eventsThe main image on the back cover is of a piano missing the top piece which is situated to the right of themain structure, similar to the front cover but from a wider shot and missing the artist which was includedin the close up shot of the piano. With the top of the piano being present but not in its preferred place, itsuggests that there is more meaning and depth to a piano as you can see into the mechanical side ofthe instrument, as to a song of Alicias with frequent listening. With the similar features of the front andback cover, it could indicate how from looking at the front cover, the audience wouldnt think much of thetracks and their meanings, but after listening to them the audience start to develop an understanding ofthe depth of lyrics and influences behind them. Therefore showing a journey from start to finish as is thealbum, indicating a narrative to Alicias musical career and the audiences thought process whenlistening to the album. The repeating of the piano and not just an image of the artist as most album backcovers tend to do, it suggests how the piano plays a major role in her music career and her life, againindicating a start to finish affect as playing the piano has always been a constant within her work andlife. The piano taking up as much space as it does should represent to the audience and other artiststhat Alicias talent of playing the piano is more important than other aspects of popular music today,such as an artists looks or body proportions that people should be in the music business for the music.Technical codesThe image has been edited and enhanced todisplay a multi tonal effect, as certain aspects ofthe piano are bright and eye catching whilst otherareas are black and white. The golden area suchas what is underneath the top piece could indicatethe raw talent and emotions behind every songwhilst the black and white areas suggest a moretraditional and old fashioned approach to music.The background is white behind the piano andblack on the ground which allows the text to standout as it is in white, allowing a continuous colourscheme in terms of writing to take place. Also thetrack numbers are in a golden colour to relateback to the piano and the artist. </p>