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1. Rolling Stone is a magazine published every two weeks that focuses on politics and popular culture. In 1967, Rolling Stone was founded in San Francisco, California, by Jann Wenner who is still the magazine's chief editor and music critic, Ralph J. Gleason. Rolling Stone was known for its musical coverage and for political reporting by the enigmatic and controversial gonzo journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. In the 1990s, the magazine changed its format to appeal to a younger readership interested in youthoriented television shows, film actors, and popular music. This led to criticism that the magazine was emphasizing style over substance. In recent years, the magazine has resumed its traditional mix of content, including in-depth political stories. It also has expanded content to include coverage of financial and banking issues. As a result, the magazine has seen its circulation increase and its reporters invited as experts to network television programs of note. 2. Mast HeadDirect Mode of AddressBarcodeCover Line 3. Title of the Contents PageIssue DateSub-Images List of Contents 4. Title of the ArticleStand FirstMain Image TextPage no. of the remaining article 5. Vibe is a music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly features R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers. After shutting down production in Summer 2009, Vibe was purchased by the private equity investment fund InterMedia Partners and is now issued every-other month with double covers, with a larger online presence. The magazine's target demographic is predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop culture. As of April 2013 Vibe is currently owned by Spin Media. The magazine owed its success to featuring a broader range of interests than its closest competitors The Source and XXL which focus more narrowly on rap music, or the rock & popcentric Rolling Stone and Spin. As of June 30, 2012, Vibe has a circulation of 300,943, of which 202,439 was paid, and 98,504 was non paid. Advertisers ran the gamut from record labels to fashion houses to various cognac brands 6. Header Bar Mast HeadDirect Mode of Address Cover LinesBarcode 7. Logo of the magazine List of ContentsTitle of the Contents PageMain Image 8. Title of the article LogoStand FirstMain ImageArticle 9. XXL is an American hip hop magazine, published by Harris Publications, founded in 1997. The magazine's past editors include Reginald C. Dennis (formerly of The Source), Sheena Lester (former editor-in-chief of Rap Pages and Vibe music editor), Elliott Wilson (formerly of ego trip and The Source, currently locked in at #7 slot on The Source's Digital 30 list.)and Datwon Thomas (former Editor-In-Chief of King). In May 2009 Datwon Thomas resigned from XXL and executive editor Vanessa Satten, who had been with XXL since 1998, was named the new Editor-in-Chief. 10. Header BarMast HeadCover LinesBarcode 11. Title of the Contents PageMain ImageLogoSubImages 12. Main ImageTitle of the ArticleIssue DateArticle