Adventures in QA

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Adventures of a developer who suddenly found himself in the role of head of QA. Presentation as held at ACCU 2010 (I think - had to recreate it from the last draft after I lost my laptop on the Eurostar in the ensuing volcanic chaos on the way back from Oxford).

Text of Adventures in QA

  • 1. Adventures in QA Dirk HaunACCU Conference 2010

2. Prelude 3. About me For the longest time: Developer in C, C++ Surprise career move to QA Amateur in QA 4. Company Prole Document conversion Large scale Highly portable C Some Java 5. Important Features Performance Resources Quality Usability (in progress) not so much: Security 6. Motivation 7. "Das ging dochschon mal?!" 8. "But this used to work?!" 9. My First Regression Test Suite 10. Career 11. Career Path 12. Corporate Siberia 13. The Job 14. "Make it work" 15. Develop Test Ship 16. Develop Test Ship improve here 17. Wiggle Room only 18. 3 Departments in 1 19. C vs. Java 20. Infrastructure 21. Old Hardware 22. Time to run tests 23. Storage 24. Intermission Some feedback from my helpful audience 25. Ideas from the Audience Partioning - nd the essential tests Reduce release frequency for some of the platforms Try differential pricing per platform 26. Ideas from the Audience Dont just set up rules (guidelines, directives), but explain why How do new people learn the rules? Try storytelling or mentoring Test the rules 27. Ideas from the Audience Get stakeholders involved, e.g. customers Get an outsiders view, e.g. from a consultant 28. Changes 29. Quality as #3 problem 30. New Boss 31. Communication 32. New Rules 33. Theory vs. Practice 34. "Every new feature should have a test" 35. "This feature has to be in the next version" 36. Continuous Integration 37. Breaking the Build acting on failed tests guring out who broke the build time-consuming whoseresponsibility is it? running the unit tests before committing 38. Test Ownership 39. New tests Providing test data Adding the tests 40. Outlook 41. New Projects 42. Does everybody "get" it yet? 43. What about me? 44. (Some) Lessons Learned 45. Test Communitiesdo exist 46. Change takes time - a lot of time 47. QA needs a "holistic" approach 48. Test automation - The Holy Grail? 49. The End? 50. Credits Photos via, thanks to:Hopkinsii, lotyloty, seier+seier,Alex Polezhaev, Horia Varlan,Caterina Fake, Steve Jurvetson,Stig Nygaard, Steve Punter,Peter Dutton, paul posadas, ErikPitti, Nick J Webb, Bill Gantz,Jukka Zitting, Kevin Dooley,Jean-Pierre Dalbra, MattiMattila, Rebecca Krebs,mollybob, Matt Brown, BobBobster, James Bowe, BhumikaGuglani, manuki Photos and names are links -click them!