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No Doubt Hitler was a cruel deranged man, who was directly responsible for millions of death of innocent men & women. But lets not be a skeptic and acknowledge the fact that he did achieve some remarkable feats. let us for once see the man HITLER was and not as a demon.

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  • 1. ADOLF THE GREAT April 20, 1889 To April 30, 1945

2. A German politician, who became the Leader of NAZI party & was appointed as the chancellor of Germany in 1933. INTRODUCTION 3. Topics Covered Adolf the Humanitarian Adolf the Artist Adolf the Economist Adolf and the Volkswagen Adolf and the Nobel Peace Prize 4. Adolf the Humanitarian He loved children. Shared his food with people on the road Used to give his raincoat to beggars He was an animal loving person Adolf was accused of being very cruel, but it was not in his nature to be cruel. 5. Adolf the Artist Are you interested in looking at some real master peaces? SO HERE WE GO 6. An early unfinished painting. 7. Farm houses & bridge on the Ybbs in Austria, watercolor, 1910 8. Restaurant Greinburg in Grein on the Danube, watercolor, 1911 9. Karl's Church in Winter, watercolor, 1912 10. "Becelaire", watercolor, 1917 11. Mountain Lake, watercolor, 1910 12. His Dog Blondy 13. Mother Mary - Oil - 1913 14. Utopian fortress, watercolor, 1909 15. Neuburg Cloister on the Danube near Vienna, watercolor, 1911 16. Adolf the Economist Massive unemployment Industrial stagnation Crippling strike actions by unions Private investment had fallen to 1/6 Collapse in agricultural prices Increasing no. of bankrupt companies 17. The manufacture of diesel oil has increased by 66% The production of coal has increased by 68% The production of oil fuel has increased by 80% The production of mineral oil has increased by 90% The production of artificial silk has increased by 100% The production of Kerosene has increased by 110% The production of steel has increased by 167% AFTER FIVE YEARS 18. Adolf and the Volkswagen "It should have the shape of a June bug" - Adolf Adolf 19. Birth Of An Idea Dreamt of a network of highway across the country Dreamt of a small car which everyday people could afford That time cars were very expensive Highways never existed in Hitlers Era. He made the first highway. 20. The first highway system in the world was conceived by Hitler. The entire world came, saw and copied. 21. Adolf & the Nobel Peace Prize "Hitler ought to have the peace prize!" "Historians will one day record that never were the peaceful proposals of one man met with more hatred than mine. When Germany became the example to the world of the peaceful solution of social problems and economic difficulties, the hatred of the Bolsheviks and capitalists, the exploiters of nations, was turned against her. Only then did I turn to create the new German Wehrmacht." - Adolf Hitler, 1936. 22. The renowned Jewish author and Nobel Prize winner, Gertrude Stein, led the campaign that got Adolf Hitler nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1938. I say that Hitler ought to have the peace prize, because he is removing all the elements of contest and of struggle from Germany. By driving out the Jews and the democratic and Left element, he is driving out everything that conduces to activity. That means peace... The positive Aspect 23. Hitler in LOVE. 24. Adolf and Eva Hitler, a true love story "From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere--even unto death - I live only for your love." Letter from Eva to Adolf after an assassination attempt on his life. 25. Adolf decided that he would never have children of his own, because the burden of following in his footsteps would be too harsh on them!!! 26. Eva Anna Paula Braun was from a Bavarian family, At age 17 she took a job as a model for Heinrich Hoffman, the official photographer of, Hitler's National Socialist German Worker's Party. It was at Hoffman's studio where she met Hitler in 1929. Clearly infatuated by Hitler Eva would slip letters into his pocket. Eva Braun 27. Hitlers Life At A Glance 28. Age: 2 Age: 11 Age: 14 29. Age: 21 30. Age: 35 Age : 25 31. Age: 45 32. Age: 48 33. Today it is not well known that Adolf was a best-selling author. Sales of his book, Mein Kampf, were high enough to provide him an independent income. Once Adolf became German Chancellor, he always returned his salary cheque unopened; the only leader in human history to have never used State Funds for his own purposes. By 1945, Mein Kampf had sold more copies in hardcover in the world than any book except the Bible. Modesty Of Hitler The Great 34. This was how Hitler & everyone under his Rule used to salute in Germany!!! This salute signified Loyalty & pledge Open hand also Signified brotherhood 35. In the previous photograph Adolf Hitler was going to address his army of 50,000 men from the roof top of a building. After this incidence London was bombed continuously for 116 days. Which resulted in the biggest air battle in the history of man kind Which also came to be known as. The D Day 36. Adolf Hitler can be seen giving a speech, he was a very powerful orator, influenced the entire world & became the LORD himself. 37. & then there Was peace... Adolf Hitler committed Sucide in a bunker On 30 April, 1945..