A Quick Guide to Making Technology Choices

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Framework to Launch: Managing Information, Your Most Important Asset Speaker Series presentation "A Quick Guide to Making Technology Choices" by Allen Pemberton of Pemberton Consulting. May16, 2014



2. Speaker Series Follow a small business through process of updating technology to meet future demands A Quick Guide to making Technology choices Methodology for selection and implementation of Core Business system Developing a functioning Web Site for your Business Decision process for selecting and establishing a web presence Analyzing your online presence and the impact on your business success Analyzing and optimizing your web site Using customer information to increase sales Tracking and utilizing your customer information to drive your business How cloud computing can benefit your business productivity Utilizing cloud computing to improve your business reach and the bottom line 3. Setting the Scene Acme Widgets Owner: John and Mary (Chilton) Winslow Product: Widgets Est: 2009 Employees: 5 FTE Inventory: 500 SKUs Bus Type: Retail and Widget repair and service Strategic Plan Created five year business plan with help of SBDC 40% growth per year, with web retail site 4. A Technology Selection Methodology Objective: to present a simple methodology for small and medium size business owners and operators Three steps: Gathering the Requirements Developing Functional and Conceptual Requirements Selection of the Solution Identifying the correct vendor and making the decision Implementation Managing the solution implementation 5. Gathering the Requirements Understanding your Basic Business System Needs Core Business Systems Ancillary Business Systems Identify your Team Employees Outside Resources (Dos and Donts) Identify Functional Requirements The specific goals and objectives of the solution Identify and document ancillary interfaces and requirements Document Functional Requirement 6. Preparing to Select your Solution Prioritize requirements Basic elements Required elements Nice to have elements Identify potential solutions Resources Web research TAG of NW Professional resources (CPA/Accountant) 7. Preparing to Select your Solution Identify potential vendors Local (Web sites, SBDC, WWU, etc.) Non- local (Regional) Recommendations Business associates Business professionals Qualifying Vendors Experience with solutions Years in Business, References Recommendations by business associates and business organizations 8. Selecting the Solution Prepare request for vendor proposal Clear statement of need Document specific requirements based on Functional Requirements Statement of selection process Publish the request to potential vendors Establish selection schedule Date of publication of request Date of bid closing Expected selection date Publish schedule to vendors with letter and requirements document 9. Selecting the Solution Vendor response review Review each response as it arrives and rate based on prioritizations Select two or three, if possible, responses that meet requirements Schedule meeting for each vendor to demonstrate solution and address any question your team may have Final selection Meet with selection team and select vendor solution Notify other vendors of decision Contact finalist and begin planning implementation 10. Implementation Initial planning meeting with Vendor Establish implementation time table Identify and establish specific elements to be implemented based on published requirements Identify implementation team, both yours and vendor Implementation Phases Design and configuration Solution installation Training Testing Go live 11. Questions? Contact Info: Allen J Pemberton E: allen@Pembcons.com C: (360) 739-1070