A fine fine school

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1. Principal Soared Strolled Proud Worried Announced Fine Certainly 2. principalprincipal The principalprincipal takes care of everything in the school. 3. soaredsoared The birds soaredsoared into the sky on the delta wing. 4. strolledstrolled She strolledstrolled with her dog down the street. 5. proudproud The boy feels proudproud of himself because he won a race. 6. worriedworried She doesnt know where her keys are. She is worried.worried. 7. announcedannounced A woman at the radio announcedannounced the winners of the free tickets to the concert. 8. finefine The kids had a finefine day at the beach. 9. certainlycertainly She will certainlycertainly do well in