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  • 1. Mrs. Marburg

2. My Husband is Rich. He is a great husband and father. We have known each other since 1994. Jordyn and Brianna are my daughters. Jordyn is in 6th grade and Brianna is in 3rd. They are fun kids. They like to dance, play sports, laugh, be with friends and family I have many people in my family. Take a look around to see who is important to me in my family. My parents are Roni & Barry. They are awesome loving grandparents. My daughters have great cousins and Aunts and Uncles. My husbands side has Brian & Ann Marie and their children are Caiden, Haley & Aylin. They are very giving and caring people. On my side we Have my brother Blake and his wife, Meredith. They have two very sweet Daughter, Maddie and Eliza. 3. I recently went to Cancun over spring break. We went with two other families. The weather was fabulous and we had to much fun I have been lucky this year because I was able to travel to California to visit my best friends. They live in San Clemenete and have two girls who my children adore. We was such a fun and meaningful trip. Unfortunately, the weather was awful I am lucky to be able to travel to the Jersey shore every summer. We spend time at the beach with family and friends. 4. Every Thanksgiving my entire family has dinner at my moms house. It is a great time for all the cousins. They usually create a show. And the best is dinner is YUMMY!! Each year for both Hanukkah and Christmas my family gets together for a Holiday party. We have it at either my house or my brothers. There are 9 cousins, 6 grandparents and 10 parents. Its a great time! Every summer my family goes to the Margate shore. I have been going to the shore since I was a very little girl. 5. I have learned to enjoy salads! I did not always like them. I realize they are healthy for my body. Oh, I love ice cream!! I have always loved ice cream! I love mint chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter and cookie dough. I really like lite ice cream better than regular ice cream. Yummy!! Love sushi!! It is such a treat when I get to have sushi as a meal!! The funny thing is when I met my husband he thought it was gross and I made him try it. Now he LOVES it too!! 6. Significant Events in My Life What a great two days in my life, when Jordyn & Brianna were born! At 13 I was Bat Mitzvahed. That is a very special time in a young girls life. I worked very hard for this accomplishment April 1998 was when I married my husband. 7. Education