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Microsoft Word 2010

Proofreading DocumentsMicrosoft Word 2010

ScheduleClass/LabExam TopicThursday, October 15th Formatting Content/Applying Page Layout and Reusable Content ( 3.1, 3.2)Monday, October 19th Applying Page Layout and Reusable content (3.3,3.4,3.5)BlogpostProofreading DocumentThursday, October 22nd Including Illustrations and Graphics/Practice TestMonday, November 2ndIncluding Illustrations and GraphicsTuesday, November 3th Applying References and HyperlinksMonday, November 9thPerforming Mail Merge Thursday, November 12th Practice TestWednesday November 18th (5 8) HMCL Pre Test (30 minutes)

GrammarWord automatically checks for grammatical mistakes. These are denoted with a green wavy line. Right click on word or phrase with green wavy line for options in the context menu.

Spell CheckWord automatically uses Spell Check. Misspelled words are denoted with an underlined red wavy line. Right click on word with red wavy line for options in the context menu.

Spell CheckNotice you have the option to replace with the corrected spelling, ignore once (no changes) or throughout the document, or add it to the Word Dictionary.

Spell CheckThe Spelling & Grammar button is on the Review Tab in the Proofing Group.

Word Options / ProofingTo Change how Word corrects and formats your text use Proofing in Word Options.Backstage View -> Options -> Proofing

Proofreading5.2 Configure AutoCorrect Settings

AutoCorrect OptionsBy pressing the AutoCorrect Options button (Backstage View -> Options -> Proofing), you can update how Word automatically changes your text.

AutoCorrect OptionsBe familiar with the options in AutoCorrectAdding misspelled words to AutoCorrect List Modify AutoCorrect OptionsAdjustments to exceptions to AutoCorrect

5.3 Insert and Modify Comments

Comments Review Tab -> Comments Group -> New Comment

Displaying Comments/ BalloonsHow most are use to seeing comments

Displaying Comments/ InlineShow All Revisions Inline

Display Comments/ Review PaneTracking Group -> Reviewing Pane

Modifying comments When the cursor is in the comment, you can delete and move between comments with buttons in the Comments Group.