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  • 1.Sutex Bank College of Computer Application & Science Academic Year: 2014 Topic Of 4G Technology Presented By Chandani Pansuriya

2. AGENDA 1G Technology 2G Technology 3G Technology What is 4G ? Features of 4G Which Countries have 4G? 4G in India? 3G vs. 4G 4G Possibilities Benefits.. Disadvantages Conclusion 5G Technology 4G vs. 5G Evolution of 1G to 5G Technology 3. 1G TECHNOLOGY Poor Voice Quality Poor Battery Life Large Phone Size No Security Limited Capacity Poor Handoff Reliability 1G Wireless System 4. 2G TECHNOLOGY Enable services such as text messages, picture messages ,MMS. Provides better quality and capacity. FEATURES : DRAWBACKS: No network coverage in any specific area Digital Signals would weak. Unable to handle complex data such as Videos. 2G Wireless System 5. 3G TECHNOLOGY Faster Communication Send/Receive Large Email Message High Speed Web/Video Conferencing/3D Gaming TV Streaming/Mobile TV/Phone Calls Large and Broadband Capabilities 11 sec-1.5 min. time to download a 3 min. Mp3 Songs. FEATURES : 3G Wireless System 6. 3G TECHNOLOGY Expensive fees for 3G Licenses Services Expensive 3G Phones Large Cell Phones High Bandwidth Requirements DRAWBACKS : 3G Wireless System 7. What is 4G?...... It refer to or short name of fourth Generation which was started from late 2000s. Capable of providing 100Mbps 1Gbps speed. High QOS (Quality of service) and High Security. Provide any kind of service at any time as per users requirements any where. One of the basic term used to describe 4G is MAGIC. MAGIC: Mobile Multimedia Anytime Anywhere Global Mobility Support Integrated Wireless Solution Customized Personal Services 8. Features Include: More Security High Speed High Capacity Low Cost Per-bit etc. 4G Wireless System 9. Which Countries have 4G? In the US, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Norway are also using the 4G Services. Countries expected to launch 4G by this year are Germany, Spain, China and England. Few Countries have started the 4G commercially 10. 4G in India? Has already begun the process of introducing 4G India is among the latecomers in 3G It has taken three years for the government to decide on 3G-spectrum auction policy. 4G could face the same delay unless India wants to catch up with the rest of the world. 11. 3G vs. 4G The basic difference between 3G and 4G is in data transfer and signal quality. Technology 3G 4G Data Transfer Rate 3.1 MB/sec 100 MB/sec Internet Services Broadband Ultra Broadband Mobile - TV Resolution Low High Bandwidth 5-20 MHz 100MHz Frequency 1.6-2 GHz 2-8 GHz Download and upload 5.8 Mbps 14 Mbps 12. 4G Possibilities Personal Media Repository Enhanced Mobile Gaming Broadband Access in Remote Locations Virtual Presences 13. Benefits. Support for interactive multimedia services like teleconferencing. Wider bandwidths and higher bitrates. Global mobility and service portability. Scalability of mobile network. Entirely Packet-Switched network. Less Complexity ,Faster Transmission. Support lower generation Computer System. Net work Capacity (no. of User) is more. 14. Disadvantages It Costly than 3G Battery Usage is More Hard to Implement Need Complicated Hardware 15. Evolution of 1G TO 5G TECHNOLOGY 16. Conclusion Though 4G is facing challenges and problems we believe that future research will overcome these challenges and integrate newly developed services to 4G network making them available to everyone, anytime and everywhere. 17. 5G Technology High Speed ,High Capacity. It provide large broadcasting of data in Gbps. Multi-Media Newspapers, watch T.V programs with the clarity as to that of an HD Quality. Faster data transmission that of the previous generation. Large phone Memory, Dialing Speed, Clarity in Audio/Video. Support interactive multimedia, voice, Internet and other. More Effective and More Attractive. Highly Supportable to WWWW (Wireless World Wide WEB) 18. 4G vs. 5G The basic difference between 4G and 5G is in data transfer and signal quality. Technology 4G(2000-10) 5G(2010-20) Switching Circuit/Packet Circuit/Packet Data Rate Up to 20 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps Technology Combination of Broadband LAN/MAN/PAN Combination of Broadband LAN/MAN/PAN 19. Thank You.