21 trainer tips & tricks to maintain interest

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  • 1. 15 Tips & Tricks To maintain the interest of your audience
  • 2. 1. Use your voice effectively Remember Manytone not Monotone How you say it is just as important as what you say
  • 3. 2.Tell Anecdotes Bring a fact to life by telling a story that links it to the real world People like stories (bedtime as children) Facts tell, stories sell
  • 4. 3. X Shouldnt mark the spot Move about the room while you talk Tell an anecdotal story as you move Maintain eye contact
  • 5. 4. Vary the pace of your presentation Hear at 310 words per minute Speak at 170 words per minute Our minds are capable of listening to a varying pace between the 2. So vary between fast and slow!
  • 6. 5. Distribute handouts People like handouts Dont give them out before you present. Why? Give them as further reading to support your presentation
  • 7. 6. Incorporate Trainees names into discussions when you can. It helps you to remember names It helps the Trainee feel Loved
  • 8. 7. Use visual aids Because of VAK and learning styles Be warned If you emphasize everything you emphasise nothing!
  • 9. 8. Ask questions It maintains interest If you want to bring people with you, try asking a question like Shall we continue for half an hour, or shall we take a quick 5 minute break?. If you want a 5 minute break, Nod your head up an down as you say it. Try it. It works!
  • 10. 9. Conduct small group activities Participation relieves pressure! VAK tells us that some trainees get bored listening to lectures. So.Mix it up
  • 11. 10. Use the B button on the keyboard This blanks the screen. Its good for effect and takes the focus away from the screen and onto you the trainer
  • 12. 11. Show a sense of humour Dont be a stand up comedian, but do show a human side. We all like a little giggle. Keep it business appropriate
  • 13. 12. Use non verbal communication For example, when changing a topic, hold your hands in front of you at about chest height and move them from your right to left Be balanced here, overuse of hand gestures will annoy your audience
  • 14. 13 Time your activities There is nothing worse for Trainees when you say the next talk will take 30 minutes and you take double the time Good timing shows you are well planned and professional
  • 15. 14. Show enthusiasm One thing I guarantee my Trainees at the start of the Train the Trainer program is that if they keep their eyes open they will learn plenty Encourage participation Thank people for contributions SMILE
  • 16. 15. Take breaks Tell trainees when mid morning, lunch and afternoon breaks are Dont be afraid to take BUZZ BREAKS in between Be flexible in your timetable. If it suits to take lunch 10 minutes early, do.
  • 17. 16. One more thing If you can, always finish with a little extra something Like this tip number 16 of a 15 tip slideshow. Or, direct your trainees to really cool online resources


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