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2015 Banned Books Photo Contest Entrees

2015 Banned Books Photo Contest Entrees

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1. 2015 Banned Books Photo Contest Entrees 2. 2015 Banned Books Photo Contest Winner Kelly Urman in the Chamber of Knowledge by Kelly Urman of the Pima County Public Library, Woods Memorial Branch 3. Alanna Graves "I loved banned comics!" I am a teen librarian at Cape May County Library, NJ; and I just graduated with my MLS this past May from University of Illinois. 4. Alexandra Eberle Library Director of the Brooke County Public Library and Follansbee Branch in Wellsburg WV 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy What others dont know wont hurt! Thankful for Lunch Breaks! 5. Amanda Graham I teach at Mullins High School I house and maintain a Classroom Library consisting of 700 books that I have personally acquired for use by my students. And my childhood/ community library is the Marian Wright Edelman Public Library of Marlboro County. "Just try and stop me." 6. Ami Stearns I do not work at a library but I am faculty in the criminal justice department at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette That book by Nabokov Cheers and thanks for all you do! 7. Avery Rhodes I wanted to include this photo of my son, Avery Rhodes, reading his favorite banned book, BONE, by Jeff Smith 8. Azalea Ebbay Multnomah County Library Junior Rules!! 9. Beth McIntyre Piedmont Regional Library System Junior is upbeat and engaging. Adorable, really. 10. Beth Schuck College of Southern Nevada Library Enjoy reading Banned Books! 11. Breanne Kirsch University of South Carolina Upstate Library Banned Books are Some of My Favorites 12. Cate Carlyle I work in the Curriculum Resource Centre at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. Penguin Love, for the book And Tango Makes Three which is a favourite of mine. 13. Chase Ollis American Library Association Freedom to Escape the Inescapable 14. Chelsey Postal SAGE eLearning Department 15. Christina Golm Newaygo Area District Library Sojourning with Angels (big secret) 16. Christine Pyles Branch Manager at Mansfield/Richland County Public Library All This Happened, More or Less 17. Clem Guthro and Rachel Guthro Here is a father and daughter banned book pic! Clem Guthro, Director of the Colby College Libraries & Rachel Guthro, Project Assistant, Colby College Libraries Harry Potter - A family affair 18. Crissy Hensley Alachua County Library District - Tower Road Branch (Gainesville, FL) Penguins Love a Challenge! 19. Dana Still Hastings Public Library, Library Assistant 20. Dr. Robert P. Holley & Martha J. Spear Professor Emeritus, School of Library and Information Science Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) Library Media Specialist, Berkley High School (Berkley, MI) "The couple that reads banned books together, stays together!" 21. Elsa Ouvrard-Prettol My library is the Natomas Charter School library and media center "Equality on my mind" 22. Emily Grace Le May Mt. Pleasant Library, Providence Community Library Emily Grace and the Secret Society of Banned Book Readers 23. Emily King Digital Services Librarian at the College of Southern Nevada Don't Hide Hogwarts! Celebrate your freedom to read. 24. Erika Isaly SAGE The allegory of Animal Farm can be applied to any social construct and its lessons are timeless. 25. Eti Berland Saul Silber Memorial Library In Defense of Drama! 26. Eva Quintana Librarian, Surrey Libraries (British Columbia, Canada) "Big Brother is Watching You" 27. Gary Moore Randall Library, UNC Wilmington In search of the missing link 28. Genevieve Haas PR & Public Affairs Director SAGE 29. Jacinda Ramsey Pryor Public Library A hideout and a banned book. Perfect lunch break. 30. Jamie Segno Alvin Sherman Library, Research & Information Technology Center Nova Southeastern University The Magic of Reading 31. Jeannette Davies Presentation College Director of Library Services MLIS/Alum University of North Texas Banned Books should not be mocked. 32. Joanna M Breen Belmont Public Library Windows open 33. Jordan Moore Atlanta University Center Robert W. Woodruff Library My Ring of Keys. 34. Julie Hankinson Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology 35. Justin Hofstetter I am the librarian at Biblioteca de los Aztecas, the school library at Alta Vista Charter Middle School. My photo is titled, "Quick! Before They Release You!" 36. Kacy Helwick New Orleans Public Library Bridge to Terabithia: Making You Cry Isnt a Bannable Offense 37. Keri Cascio American Library Association Freedom to read obnoxious comics! 38. Kristin Whitehair Louisiana State University (attended library school) A wallflower with a wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 39. Lanora Melillo Scotch Plains Public Library For the love of penguins 40. Lauren Futch I work part-time as a Library Assistant at Tallahassee Community College. I'm also in library school at Florida State - I graduate next summer! "Color Your World with a Good Book." 41. Leighann Wood American Library Association "FREADOM TO BE A PHONY" 42. Linda Kobashigawa Fresno County Public Library The Absolutely True Controversy Surrounding this Book is Ridiculous! 43. Lindsay Slater University of Michigan Lindsay Reads The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 44. Martha Boksenbaum Chelsea Public Library "You're just jealous I have a copy." 45. Mary Wallace Moore Smyrna Public Library, Smyrna, GA Difficult Stories to Tell Must Also Be Heard 46. Meredith Hill Creekside Elementary School Media Center Promoting Freedom to Read even for the youngest of us! 47. Michael Rodriguez Hodges University Library Yell Fire! The Clockwork Orange 48. Miranda Doyle Lake Oswego School District, Teacher-Librarian Our students read this frequently challenged book to learn about the world around them. 49. Paula Laurita Athens-Limestone Public Library Librarians and superheroes, working together to protect the First Amendment. Jane Yolens The Devils Arithmetic, which Mrs. Laurita defended from a parental challenge. 50. Richard Paul Cortina The wonderful Dr. B. L. Perry Library in Tallahassee, Florida Read a Banned Book. Feed Your Mind. 51. Rita Foran Richard T. Stank Middle School "Psssst...wanna read a banned book?" 52. Robin Shader Northwest Regional Library System (Florida) Captain Underpants is hilarious! 53. Sarah Lynch I work as a Library Media Specialist for West Hartford Public Schools. Accio Harry Potter! I love my banned books! 54. Scott Roberts Sorry I don't work at a library, but I couldn't resist sending in a photo anyway. It's so weird to see Raina Telgemeier in the list of challenged books. She's a friend of mine, and I know that anyone who seriously challenges DRAMA didn't read it the way she wrote it! Here I am being shocked at a classic, the long challenged HUCKLEBERRY FINN. 55. Shannon Schane Everest University Brandon Campus Who could ever ban my fuzzy little friend! 56. Shay Ramsey Queens College GSLIS "Still Scary After All These Years" 57. Stephanie Beverage I work at the Huntington Beach Public Library in Huntington Beach, California. Hanging out with Harry in my office 58. College of Southern Nevada Library Group Photo College of Southern Nevada Library in Las Vegas, NV 59. Stephanie Espinoza College of Southern Nevada Library in Las Vegas, NV Dont Listen to the HatersRead for Yourself 60. Sue Fischer Former librarian at Leon County Public Library Tallahassee, Florida 'IT'S PERFECTLY NORMAL TO SNEAK A CHALLENGED BOOK' 61. Susan Polos Librarian, Mt. Kisco Elementary School, Bedford Central School District, NY Lovingly Read by Students but Challenged by Parents...Alice! 62. Tiffany Medina SAGE A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorite books and deserves the opportunity to be read widely! 63. Tom Malinowski Boise Public Library The Best Sagas are the Controversial Ones 64. TeachingBooks.net Group Photo This photo shows all of the staff at TeachingBooks.net with their favorite banned book. The TeachingBooks.net staff stands behind Banned Books." 65. Wendy Stephens Cullman High School What's Really Psycho? Banning Books!