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DRG Webinar: Donor Relations for Annual Giving Donors

Donor Relations and Stewardship to Engage Annual Giving Donors Lynne M. Wester@donorguru

Road MapWhy Annual Donors MatterWhat if?Status Quo?TechniquesBest Practices

Why Annual Donors Matter

Small and MightyGrants, Rankings and Other BeastsRetention PercentageTest DonorsPipelineWhat if?

You were able to raise your first time donor retention from 48% to 58%?What would that means in terms of $s and Donors?How does that effect your pipeline?Happy Donors tellUnhappy Donors tellStatus Quo?

Receipt within 48 hoursAcknowledgment within?

Is that all?Dont send a decal, magnet, pen, etcDont ask again right away


First Time Donors Need their own program

Segments to Watch ForLoyal DonorsMarried AlumsDual DegreesWidowed Donors/Golden OldiesMonthly DonorsEmployees/Faculty/StaffRecent Graduates/Younger DonorsDigital Donors

IdeasFocus on endurance of gift, not size of giftOne special touch a year aimed at their populationChannel MattersTell StoriesShow Impact

Best Practices


Report Impact

Be Honest!

The BEST!!

Thank You, Questions?Lynne M. Westerlynne@donorrelationsguru.comwww.donorrelationsguru.com@donorguru

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