20 tools in 20 min Teachmeet NJ 2014

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20 tools 20 min at #TMNJ14


  • 1. 20 Tools in 20 Min William King @wkingbg wkingbg@gmail.co m
  • 2. Evernote Note-taking app Notes, pictures, audio Store emails, to-do lists Text recognition Cloud- Based Access from any device FREE 1
  • 3. Wunderlis t Organization App Create lists: to-do, shopping, wishlist, work, private, etc Print your lists Email your lists Cloud- Based Access from any device FREE 2
  • 4. Hootsuit e Tool that helps organize your twitter account To get started you must have a twitter acct Manage all social media from here: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare accounts in one app FREE 3
  • 5. QRstuff.co m 4
  • 6. I-NiGMA 5 QR Code reader app Turns your camera into a sophisticated barcode reader Fastest QR code reader on the market FREE
  • 7. 6 - The easiest way to text/ email students and parents - Attach assignments - Reminders - Notify parents of class activities/assignments - Protects your phone # - Free
  • 8. Socrative.com Online Student response system Free version of clickers students can respond via smartphone, tablet, laptop great for BYOD or 1:1 Free, Easy to use and setup 7
  • 9. Store all your bookmarks in one location create tiles for your favorite websites great for class projects or research FREE 8
  • 10. Padlet a virtual wall (webpage) where you can post thoughts and messages perfect for class discussion or brainstorming Can post texts and pics from any device 9
  • 11. recitethis.com Tool to create slides for presentations or for class starters Great for Bell Ringers FREE 10
  • 12. viewpure.com removes all distractions associated with youtube videos copy the link of the video into the purifier and your video will be displayed on a blank background 11
  • 13. CuePrompter.com FREE online teleprompter Turns your internet browser into a teleprompter with no additional software. Type in script and can adjust size of text, speed, and background 12
  • 14. Camscanner Pro ios app turns your phone or ipad into a scanner perfect for going paperless receipts, documents, student work, notes FREE and paid version 13
  • 15. Study Blue Flash Card APP allows students to study anywhere kids can create their own cards teachers can create for their students FREE 14
  • 16. Create a backchannel for your classroom or team meeting connect with your students in real-time great for student feedback FREE, no account necessary 15
  • 17. INSTAGRAM Photosharing site Facebook Like Great for School and Class PR Free 16
  • 18. Online Timeline creator Free for 1 user Publish your timelines to the web 17
  • 19. Smore.com great tool for designing webpages, blog posts, flyers, or posters, school newsletters Easy to edit Free 18
  • 20. 19 Website that makes your pictures interactive Upload a pic, & attach video, audio, text, links Free
  • 21. IOS/Android App Pulls together the most read/shared articles You pick topics of interests Free 20
  • 22. BONUS
  • 23. Google Newspaper Archives - Google is in the process of scanning every newspaper ever printed into their servers - Search major newspapers - http://news.google.com/newspapers BONUS
  • 24. William King wkingbg Gmail wkingbg Instagram @wkingbg Twitter william.king.bg Skype Teachmeet KY Tmky.wikispaces.com