10 social media campaign in Thailand

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10 social media campaigns and trends in Thailand 2012-2013


  • 1. 10 Social Media campaigns and trendsin Thailand 2012-2013 Marketing Strategy class 2013TengAmnuay Thanat 2B2040International University of Japan

2. Ichitan Green TeaThais Famous GreenTea beverage companycreate an event to give1 million baht everydayfor 60 days. Thelottery-like event isvery popular and youcan follow thefacebook page to checkyour lottery numberthat attached underthe green tea cap.http://www.facebook.com/ichitan 3. Magnum Ice-creamLast year Magnum wastalked of the townbecause of itscampaign that invitedcelebrities to post andshare their action withMagnum Ice-cream onany social networksuch as facebook orinstagram, etc.http://www.facebook.com/MagnumThailand 4. AISThe biggesttelecommunicationcompany givesprivilege to theirexclusive customers byfollowing facebookpage. You will receivevariety of discountsand privileges such aslines sticker, freedonuts and etc.http://www.facebook.com/ais.privilege 5. Wall FruttarePassion fruit flavoredice-cream created thefacebook event toshare the refreshingtips on the facebookand tag 5 friends, andyou will get specialgifts from fruttare.http://www.facebook.com/FruttareChicCode 6. Coca RestaurantHot-pot stylerestaurant created afree game applicationthat can play either oniOS, Android, orFacebook App. Youcollect the points andreceive free dishes atthe restaurant.http://apps.facebook.com/167679959983...rch&ref=ts 7. Double A paperPaper companypromotes their CSRcampaign by createdthe interactive App totell the story of theircampaign.http://apps.facebook.com/doubleakhanna/ 8. Srichand Powder60 years old brand tryto gain attraction fromyounger target groupby crated co-creationdrama. Facebooks fanscan command and giveidea of how the story isgoing to be. Thiscampaign was wellaccepted and gained 3times of fanpages.http://www.facebook.com/srichandpowder 9. DJ Suharit SiamwalaFormer radio and nightclub DJ was run aBangkok Mayerelection in March2013, which received78,825 votes close tothe number of fans inhis facebook page.The below pictures arethe election advertisingcampaigns created byhis fan page.http://www.facebook.com/suharit.surprise 10. Aum PatchrapaThai top-paid actresscelebrated her 1million followersinstagram by inviting200 fans to join herthank you party forfree.Last year herinstagrams ID rankedat No.80 of the mostfollowing instagram.http://instagram.kapook.com/star/profile/aum_patchrapa 11. Momay paplearnFormer singer twistedherself into onlinecelebrity and make-upguru. She have herown make-up show onYouTube which verypopular among younggirls. This year shecreated the event togiveaway her favoritemake-up item byjoining her event inYouTubehttp://www.facebook.com/MomayPaPlearnTV