10 Questions to ask before hiring a PPC company

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This PDF presented by www.ppcadsmanagement.com tells you about the questions to ask before hiring a PPC company.

Text of 10 Questions to ask before hiring a PPC company

  • 1. 10 Questions To AskBefore Hiring A PPC Company

2. Question : 1 What are the services offered by the agency? Before selecting a PPC company, you must be aware of the services being offered by the company. The consultants of the company must be skilled enough to manage the advanced pay per click campaign. You may go for specialized agencies rather than selecting full-service agencies. 3. Question : 2 Who will be the manager of my AdWord account? You will have to be aware who is actually managing your account. You may be communicating with experienced PPC strategists of the company but the actual work may be managed by any junior team member of the agency. The members should be highly analytical and should possess excellent process oriented skills. 4. Question : 3 Any minimum contract length?Many agencies provide a lengthy contract from 6 to 12 months, after theinitial agreement. You may have to count on release fees if you leave thecontract earlier than the agreed period. So, select a company whichprovides a 30 days notice period to you if you want to leave the campaign,i.e. if you let them know that you desire to leave before 30 days, they maynot charge you the release fees. 5. Question : 4 How do you calculate the price for the campaign?All the PPC companies do not charge the campaign price at the samemanner. Some of the companies may ask for a fixed rate, regardless of theoutcome. Some of them may charge you on a percentage based on themonthly expenditure and some may apply both the process, i.e. both fixedrate and on performance based. 6. Question : 5 How often will I get the progress reports? You should get a regular progress report of your campaign so that you get to know how well your money is getting utilized. They should be flexible enough to serve different clients with their different needs. You may ask to provide a monthly report or a report which is more frequent with in-depth analysis. 7. Question : 6 Will the campaign be manually reviewed? You must be aware whether your account is being manually reviewed or not. Some companies follow set and forget rule where they set up the account and then manage the campaign by any bid management software. Thus proper monitoring and reporting of the account is being neglected in this case. You should ensure that your account is being manually reviewed frequently and proper report is generated. 8. Question : 7 Do you only work for PPC search engines or you help to increase the traffic?Ensure that the PPC company can generate large number of traffic foryour site. An efficient PPC agency will not only work on the search enginesbut they will focus on lead generation and better Return On Investment. 9. Question : 8 What other services do you offer?Some Companies provide lot of other services like Social MediaMarketing, Email Marketing with Pay Per Click Services. You shouldfocus on the specialized companies who only manage the campaignservices and provide skilled services. 10. Question : 9 What tools you use to manage the campaigns?Ensure that the PPC company is using proper tool to manage yourcampaign. Some companies use various bid management software whichare very difficult to understand. You can select the company which usessimple tools like Excel and does the actual work with proper planning andstrategies. 11. Question : 10 Can you give some examples of your track record where it can be provedthat you have saved clients money ? Examples of track records can prove the credibility of the company. Many companies speak a lot of words about their activities but cannot provide much details of examples or proofs. You may ask for detailed figures of past records to get your doubts cleared.