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  • 1. The Great Depression The Great Depression was a time of debt. America owed a lot of money, and they had no way of paying it back. The Great Depression effected a lot of Americans, their families, and their jobs. This topic was chosen because it is a historical moment in history, that reminds America to try to avoid the same mistakes. I hope that the people who view this essay learn how hard it was living in America during the Great Depression.
  • 2. The Great Depression started in 1929, and lasted throughout most of the 1930s. The beginning of the Great Depression started a little after World War 1, and the stock market. Due to the fail of the stock market, and the expenses of World War 1, America fell into deep debt.
  • 3. The stock market was very popular in the 1920s, and was said to be an easier way to make money. In 1929, the stock market crashed, and people who bought stocks lost their money. People who had a lot of money lost it all because the stocks they bought failed.
  • 4. American citizens were panicking from the news of the stock market. Most of those citizens ran to the bank to get their money before they lose it all. Due to all the panicked citizens, there was massive lines at the banks.
  • 5. Jobs were hard to come by during the Great Depression. Employment bureaus were always crowded with men and women wanting jobs. If the person already had a job, the would be hoping for business to keep their jobs.
  • 6. Farming was a very hard job during the Great Depression. The products were not selling well, and the dust bowl made it worse, due to the continuous dust storms. The farmers were not happy with the outcome of their business.
  • 7. Unemployed citizens who could not find a job still searched for one. Some towns that they visited cold not offer them jobs and they had left. Those citizens were very poor and could not support their families, if they had one.
  • 8. Most families in America suffered from the Great Depression. They had to share food, and water together if they could get some. Most families during this time were either middle class, or poor, only a few were wealthy.
  • 9. Citizens that had no money lived in very bad homes, and some even lived in tents. Most houses were run-down and looked very horrible. Some of the people even had to make their own houses using extra wood around them.
  • 10. People poor and homeless had little food and drink. Free food was provided to those who needed food and drink. There were always crowds at the free food stands, and massive lines were formed.
  • 11. The Great Depression was the downfall of the American economy. It is worse then than it is now, and very few people thought that America had the highest standard of living.
  • 12. Conclusion
    • I had a great learning experience from doing this photo essay. Some parts were challenging, but I figured out what to do. The Great Depression was an excellent topic to research, and it provided a lot of information on this American historical downfall. I learned how people lived, and how panicked Americans were from the Great Depression. The Great Depression leads to a lot of problems in America today, and that was what I learned from this assignment.
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