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  • 1. SWOT Analysis Of Project :A Case Study ofNational Bank of Pakistan (NBP) 19 April, 2012

2. Subject: Strategic management Presented By MOHAMMAD YASIR-------------------Roll, no----58. MOHAMMAD JUNAID KHAN------Roll, no----80. MOHAMMAD FAWAD QASIM------Roll, no---82. M.Com 3rd semester(Evening)section A 3. About NBP: National Bank of Pakistanis the largestcommercial bank operating in Pakistan. Its balance sheet size surpasses that of any of theother banks functioning locally. It has redefined its role and has moved from apublic sector organization into a moderncommercial bank. The Banks services are available to individuals,corporate entities and government. While itcontinues to act as trustee of public funds and asthe agent to the State Bank of Pakistan (in placeswhere SBP does not have a presence) 4. Mission: NBP will aspire to the valuesthat make NBP trulythe Nations Bank, by: Institutionalizing a merit andperformance culture Creating a distinctive brandidentity by providing the higheststandards of services Adopting the best internationalmanagement practices Maximizing stakeholders value 5. Vision: To be recognized as aleader and a brandsynonymous with trust,highest standards ofservice quality,international bestpractices and socialresponsibility 6. SWOT Analysis 7. s ..tren gt hS 8. ORGANIZATION CULTURE: NBPs organization culture was very friendly andinteresting. Employees has created a verycooperative environment among each other. Theyhave created loyalty toward the organization bydeviating their future efforts and energies. Theemployees take the organizational problempersonals and try their best for the prosperity ofthe organization. 9. Governments bank: In commercial banking system NBP isonly the government bank. They maketheir policies according to thegovernments rules and regulations. Itenjoys its position in the market ofbanking system in Pakistan.Government of Pakistan also facilitatingthe National Bank of Pakistan. 10. Customer satisfaction Because of governments bank, it isenjoying the customers satisfaction.Customers feels secure their moneyin NBP. 11. Online banking: There is also strength of NBP that130 branches are online. It helps thespeedy services giving to thecustomers. There is also help inchecking the balances and dailytransactions just at one key press. 12. INDUSTRIAL POLICIES: NBP helps the government on the implementation of itsindustrial policies with respect to economic growth of thecountry. BEST RESEARCH APPRAIAL TEAM: Before the project financing NBP has the research appraisalteam that justifies the economic and financial feasibility of notproject in the future. That is the strength is the scare that ithelps the organization from any loss that is to over in thefuture in case of failure of the project. 13. Wide area of services: They provide the wide area of services.They offer no. Of services relating tothe banking system like, pension toretired government employees, trafficchallans, fees received of AIOU, farmsof AIOU, utilities bills, deposits, salestax , withholding tax, property tax, andvarious loan schemes. 14. LENIENT POLICY WITH THE CLIENTS: This is one of the best policies of NBP that itdoes not kept rude behavior with this client ifthey make late in their repayment of loan. But ithas adopts lenient way in dealing with them, ithelps its customers in the repayment makingrescheduling and restructuring of their loans. 15. ness .W ea k 16. LESS ATTENTION TO THE RURAL DEVELOPMENT: NBPs portfolio shows that it has made projectfinancing only in the major cities of Pakistan.But a reasonable attention is needed in theproject financing of the rural based industrialproject of the country. 17. POOR ADVERTISEMENT: I keenly observe this that as compared to other banks. NBP is very poor in advertising itself and institution, which works a lot in the development of the country, but unfortunately in the business community most of the people are in award of it. 18. Lack of communication betweenemployees: During the internship in NBP I found the problem of lack of communication between the employees and management. They have not very much understanding with each other and not share the work of each other. 19. POOR NETWORK: NBP has only 1250 branches all over the Pakistan and in major cities ofPakistan in which other competitors has their branches NBP dont have: - The formalities involved in getting loans are time concerning andcomplicated enough. - It is observed that most of the loans, which have been granted onpolitical basis, are either default or their loans are forcefully writtenoff. - It is seemed that the recovery system of NBP is not effective thatswhy number of defaulters are increasing at the growing age. - Political interference in the recruitment system. - Uncertainly among the employees due to threat of downsizing. 20. Punishment is not very strong foremployees: Punishment threat is not very strongfor employees. Some employees arenot very professional in their fieldbut top management not takes theaction against such employees. 21. Public dealing is not very effective: Public respect is not very effectivein NBP. Employees are not takingcare of the customers, especially inpension and bills department. 22. Staff shortage: There is also weak point for NBP thatstaff is very short and more staff isrequired to meet the needs of thebranch work. They help frominternees. 23. ortunit ies..Opp 24. SPONSOR THE I.T BASED PROJECTS: This is the best opportunity available to all banks and NBP as well, to sponsor the IT and computer based projects because the coming century is the century of information technology as new a days all the business community is diverting its attention towards this field. 25. Growing banking system: Nowadays banking system is growing quickly so NBP have opportunities to improve the standard and get the more share in the market. 26. NBP have government back: In growing era there is a chancefor NBP to improve itself andincrease the shares in the marketbecause it is most trustable due togovernments bank. 27. Increase in economic activities: The economic activities areincrease nowadays, so banks arecontributes more in economicactivities. Banks are played role intrade and commerce. So thebusiness of commercial banks isincrease. 28. h reat sT 29. POLITICAL INFLUENCE AND INSTABILITY: This is the major threat for any business organization in Pakistan because the political officials influence NBP in financing those projects which are not viable or write off those loans which are still able to pay, this political influence cause many problems in daily business thus profitability of NBP. Political industrial is even a threat for NBP in the sense that once the policies and procedures are approved by 30. LACK OF MODERN BANKING TECHNIQUES: NBP is following fifty years old style of banking, in the computers of NBP symphony word processor is still used. Which is the oldest word processor due to this the deposits are looking to be corded, because of the provision of credit cards and other such services by its competitors both local and foreign banks is proving to be limiting factor in the deposit mobilization efforts 31. Increase in no. of banks: Increase in no. of banks is a threat for National Bank of Pakistan. No. of private banks (commercial and private) are operating their business and provide the same facilities. So increase in no. of banks is a threat for NBP. 32. The whole structure change to online : NBP have wide network of branches.Only 130 branches are online, so it isvery difficult and time consumed toconvert all branches to online system.So there is also risk involves that if onecommuter of one branch suffers inproblem, all system and all commutersof all branches must be turnoff. 33. ..E NDTHE