South Carolina/North Carolina Credit Union Leagues Effective Marketing Practices

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Effective Marketing for Credit Unions during a Recession

Text of South Carolina/North Carolina Credit Union Leagues Effective Marketing Practices

  • 1. Effective Marketing Strategies and Campaigns During a Recession Save Money, Enhance Your Exposure

2. Cost-Effective Tools

  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Newsletters (HTML or PDF)
  • Website
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Video/Audio
  • Advertising

3. Press release uses

  • Work with the media for placements
    • Leadership (positions)
    • Credibility (builds)
  • Create story ideas for feature articles
  • Create testimonials
  • Create newsletter content
  • Create website content (press section)
  • Create content for social media channels

4. Article Advantages

  • Work with the media for placements
    • Positions as leader
    • Enhances credibility
  • Member case studies (educate)
  • How to (educate)
  • Features (prominence)
  • Profiles (prominence)
  • Q&A (educate)
  • Opinion/Editorial (educate)

5. Newsletter Benefits

  • Create a community with members
  • Become an educator (resource)
  • Creates conversation with members
  • Enhances brand
    • Adhere to consistent release dates
  • Rewrite press releases and articles for content
  • Leverage online technology for distribution
    • HTML (email)
    • PDF (post to website to download)
      • To enhance member interactivity, be sure to include links to videos, podcasts, blogs, Twitter, graphics, etc.

6. Website Activity

  • Leverage cost-effective online presence
  • Push message out to members, pull em back!
  • Keep it fresh!
    • Post member/staff testimonial videos weekly
    • Post member/staff testimonial podcasts weekly
    • Post news and educational articles weekly
    • Post educational and member service blogs daily (try!)
    • Tweet about events, product benefits, milestones, etc. and link to website (use
  • Updating site and blogging frequently enhances search engine performance

7. Social Media Tools

  • What is social media? (Not just blogs!)
    • Twitter (grown 1,989% in 1 year - 1 mil to 21 mil)
    • Facebook (#1 social networking site - 87 mil June)
    • My Space (Gen Y audience)
    • YouTube (post videos and embed to website)
  • Two-way communication with members immediate!
  • Its not a campaign, its a relationship.

8. Email Strategies

  • Be relevant
  • Design for the preview pane
  • Show me you know me
  • Dont be HTML-centric
  • Be free from attachments
  • Go mobile
  • Shorter is better (for subject lines)
  • Get permission!
  • Segmentation sells
  • ( And dont forget to test!)

9. Online Audio/Video

  • Adds another dimension to website
  • Creates interest
  • Keep recordings short (2-minute rule)
  • Be consistent about posting new pieces
  • Production steps for Audio/Video pieces

10. Advertising Possibilities

  • Dont quit, be smart!
  • SEG publication
  • SEG website
  • Community newspapers
  • Sponsor charity events (give back!)
  • T-shirt
  • Leverage an education message in ad
  • Use anecdotes
  • Remove salesy talk

11. Putting it all together

  • Find out where your members are
  • Use a multi-pronged approach to hit your targets
    • Not every member will see your message in one channel, so leverage each one with the same message
    • Retain the same message in each channel, but tailor it according to the channel
    • Cross-market your channels
      • Encourages audience to discover and see same message in different channels
      • Enhances usage and/or visibility of other channels
      • Ultimately enhances opportunity for increased product or service adoption from members
      • Get members to become your ambassadors!

12. Campaign

  • Announce new service or product:
    • Press release to local press
    • Educational article placed in local publication (post on website)
    • Blog about it and encourage feedback from members
    • Tweet about it (include link)
    • Produce audio or video member usage testimonials
    • Post on website
    • Place in credit union newsletter (email)
    • Ad in SEG publication, statement, community newspaper, etc.
    • Dont forget to cross-market message in each channel!

13. Tracking Results

  • Website
  • Social Media sites
    • Google Alerts, Technorati, Jodange, Trendrr, Lexicon, etc.
  • Media placements
  • Email responses (clicked on links)
  • Inbound calls (Where did you hear about this product?)

14. Questions?

  • Mike Lawson
  • DML Communications
  • 760/845-8146
  • [email_address]