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<ol><li> 1. Follow the link to get tutorial paperwork of SOC 203 Week 2 Discussion Question 1Prostitution shows the solutions to the following problems:Prepare a discussion of at least four substantial paragraphsanswering the questions that follow. Use at least one sourcebeyond the course text that supports your position(remember to cite your source in APA style). Respond to atleast two of your classmates' postings.Sociology - General SociologyEducation and Equality . The videos required for thisdiscussion each touch on overlapping social problems.Although we will examine education, inequality, and race,each of which can be defined as a social problem or majorcomponent of larger social problems, the basis of ourdiscussion is based on a simple argument:a. Education is an effective tool in our efforts to build a moreequitable society.b. Therefore, equal educational opportunities must beavailable to all citizens.In the video, Affirmative Action vs. Cultural Diversity, TomBrokaw asks: How do we remedy the historic mistreatmentof deserving black Americans without punishing deservingwhite Americans today?Our efforts to address the problems of racial inequality havebeen centered in on one of our most important socialinstitutions - education. While the schools of this country are </li><li> 2. a local place to focus these efforts, can we fix one problemwithout creating another?As always, we want more than your opinions. This questionoverlaps several chapters of our text, including anexamination of education, race, and inequality. As such, wemay see references to several chapters. We should also seeevidence of additional research, properly cited, in support ofpositions offered in our responses.If possible, you should avoid scheduling classes one after theother. You are going to need breaks during the day. The besttime for these breaks is after a class. This time will allow youto wind down, prepare for your next class or study if needed.Take these opportunities when you can.... </li></ol>