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  • 1. Users Guide
  • 2. Contents2 Welcome 20 Settings 20 Enable Sales Tax3 Activation Steps 20 Enter Sales Tax % 20 Enable Tipping4 Introduction 20 Enable Signature Capture4 Purpose 20 Offline Mode Change Password5 Key Features 21 Sage Mobile Payment Portal 21 Home6 Activation 21 My Account8 Using the System 22 Sage Mobile Payments Web Edition 22 Update Account Info 8 Login 22 Change Billing Information 9 Credit Sale 22 Edit Secret Question 10 For Swipe Capable Devices 10 For Manual Entry 23 My Apps 23 Recent Activity 12 Cash Sale 23 New Customers 13 Reverse Phone Lookup 23 Transactions 13 Void Transaction 23 Training 23 Getting Started 14 Refund 24 Video Tutorials 14 For Swipe Credit Returns 24 Helpful Documents 14 For Manual Entry Credit Returns 24 FAQs 14 For Cash Refund 15 Offline 24 Support 24 Terms of Use 16 Offline Credit Sale 24 Repair/Warranty Info 17 For Swipe Capable Devices 24 FAQs 17 For Manual Entry 18 Offline Cash Sale 24 Contact Us 18 Upload Offline Trxs 24 Shop 19 History 19 Last 30 Days 25 Contact Us 19 Current Batch 19 Transaction Errors 19 Email Transactions 1
  • 3. Activating Sage Mobile Payments To activate full service, please follow the steps below: Upon signup, youll receive an activation email containing a 1 username and temporary password. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your Sage Mobile Payments Portal ( account. 2 To use your Sage Mobile Payments app, you must first log into your Sage Mobile Payments Portal account, and: Accept Sages Terms and Conditions Change your password Accept the recurring payment method providedWelcome to Sage Mobile Payments! As a merchant, 3 Download the Sage Mobile Payments application from your phones Market/App Store.using our app and swiper device, you can now benefit fromfast and easy payment processing via your mobile phone,anytime, anywhere. In addition, the Sage Mobile Payments N O T E : Until these steps are completed, you cannot use Sage Mobile PaymentsPortal, gives you the ability to conveniently manage and on your mobile device or PC/Mac Virtual Terminal.oversee your account just as easily. If you experience any issues with the download or login, please contact your reseller.If you have any questions about your mobile phone compatibility or how to find a phonemodel please visit or call 1-888-477-8570. 3
  • 4. Introduction Key Features The primary purpose of Sage Mobile Payments is to Process all major credit and debit cards turn your mobile phone into a payment terminal to Sage Mobile Payments enables you to accept every accept credit and debit card payment transactions. major credit card with your mobile phone. (Pin debit transactions are not allowed.) This includes MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover. The application also allows users to both void and refund transactions. To accommodate users who may not always have connectivity on their device, Process and record transactions such as voids and refunds for credit and cash transactions the application can run in online or offline modes. While in offline mode, credit and cash Set Tax rate for auto calculations to the total payment information is stored securely on the device and will be uploaded later to the payment Accept tips (gratuity) server. The user assumes the risk of a credit card decline while operating in offline mode. Record cash and card transactions All transactions are recorded and can be exported for better management and organization. The Sage Mobile Payments application has seven major functions: Record customer contact details and build up customer base for targeted marketing 1 Credit Sale Figure 1 2 Cash Sale Offline transactions When cellular or WiFi signal is not available, transac- 3 Void Purpose tions can be stored securely and uploaded at a later time when your network is accessible. 4 Refund This User Guide describes how to use the Sage Mobile 5 History Payments application. It provides information and Issue receipts to customer email Receipts can be sent to customers email addresses 6 Offline Sale details on the functionality, and simple steps to use each when making both cash and card sales. Merchants function of the application, and the Virtua